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Blog Tour ~ "The Throne of David" by Ann Farnsworth

The Throne of David by Ann Farnsworth

Book Description:  When a secret letter is delivered 32 years after it is written, it throws the ascendancy of the British throne into question and sets in motion an alliance that will do anything to suppress the truth. The search for the rightful heir uncovers the existence of a sacred stone, lost for centuries, and destined to reveal the true king. This high-stakes thriller leads readers on a deadly chase around the world, following clues through ancient history and eventually exposes the truth about the Throne of David. A mind-blowing mystery with an ending you have to read to believe!

My thoughts:  I am enjoying this book.  As you can tell from that statement, I haven't finished it in time for my scheduled post.

The book is well written and full of interesting characters.  I look forward to the rest of the story.   I will post a full review within a few days.

Read an Excerpt

At the curb they heard an ominous squeal of tires, and Roger turned as if expecting someone. A gleaming dark sedan had pulled to the corner, idling. Its darkened windows obscured the occupants, its engine purred, and then deliberately, the door facing them opened. Without hurry, a pair of black boots appeared on the curb and a man in a uniform stepped out of the car. Meeting David’s eyes, the man raised his arms above the door, a pistol held in two hands. He took aim. 

All sound was stilled, all movement slowed, and David didn’t even hear the blast that sent a bullet tearing through the crowd to his chest and knocked him down. He must have blacked out for an instant, but when he came to himself he was lying on the sidewalk and Roger was still standing, looking at the gunman. The gun bucked again and Roger fell hard, splattered in his own blood. The shooter climbed back into the car and the car pulled away. 

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About the Author: (Taken from Goodreads)  I have always been a voracious reader and sometime writer even while raising nine children. In fact, reading allowed me to escape for a few minutes (or hours) during the day while staying connected to the needs of our family.

Our youngest is now ten and the stories that have been stewing inside my head as I washed dishes, cooked dinner and helped with homework these last 25 years are bubbling up and out of my fingertips. My favorite books to read are DaVinci Code, Pride and Prejudice, the scriptures, any of the Harry Potter books and of course, Good Night Moon.

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