Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ "The Watchers" by Ashley Jensen

 Emergency Room doctor Brian James stared down at the lifeless body on the stretcher. It seemed to be just another unfortunate death in the hospital, but for Brian it was a corpse that was about to send him spiraling into a world of deadly assassins, cryptic cults, and otherworldly beings. In a desperate struggle to stay alive and uncover the secrets of a hidden civilization, Brian is thrust into an uneasy alliance with the beautiful and mysterious Aella. Together they must use science, determination, and clues buried within the Dead Sea Scrolls to uncover a centuries-old secret before they become the expert assassin's next victims.

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When I found out Ashley had written a book, I was surprised.  Why was a I surprised?  Because she is my neighbor and friend.  I had no idea that she was writing a book, or that she was interested in writing a book.  I will be reading and reviewing the book in February!

  About Ashley: Ashley Jensen is a professional writer and former managing editor of three professional magazines. She enjoys the outdoors and is frequently hiking and backpacking. She is a former rock-climbing instructor, fanatic researcher, and a marathoner.

Ashley grew up in a deeply religious society in the midst of a college town where she developed a fascination with the seemingly contradictory interplay of science and religion. This fascination plays out in her book resulting in a rare and effective combination of medical science and religiously oriented supernatural while providing a thrilling story of discovery, cryptic cults, and vengeance. To find out more, visit

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  1. How fun that she is your neighbor! Cannot wait to read your review :)


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