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Book Review ~ "The Courting Campaign" by Regina Scott

The Courting CampaignThe Courting Campaign by Regina Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Book Description: The Nobleman and the Nanny

Emma Pyrmont has no designs on handsome Sir Nicholas Rotherford at least not for herself. As his daughter's nanny, she sees how lonely little Alice has been. With the cook's help, Emma shows the workaholic scientist just what Alice needs. But making Nicholas a better father makes Emma wish her painful past didn't mar her own marriage chances.

Ever since scandal destroyed his career, Nicholas has devoted himself to his new invention. Now his daughter's sweet, quick-witted nanny is proving an unexpected distraction. All evidence suggests that happiness is within reach if only a man of logic can trust in the deductions of his own heart.

My thoughts: This book is perfect for romance lovers who like a good story that is kept clean. There is a Christian theme behind the book, the main character, Emma, has strong religious beliefs. They are a prominent theme in the way that she lives her life.

Emma was an orphan. She recently escaped from the clutches of a foster father who misused the orphans entrusted to his care. She took employment as a nanny in a small village, far from London. She has fallen in love with her charge, Alice, and seeks to bring her more to the attention of her father.

She begins a campaign to court the daughter and father. Nicholas, Alice's father is consumed by his desire to create a non-flammable lamp to aid mine workers. He is so set on his goal, that he has left little time for his daughter.

Emma believes in a family that can be happy together and wishes this for Alice. She doesn't realize that when she is promoting the daughter, that she would spend more time with Nicholas and fall in love with him as well.

I enjoyed reading the book. It is well written and engaging. The characters are very likable. The plot is solid and fun to experience.

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  1. I have several of these Love Inspired Historicals that I have read and a few that I have from NetGalley that I need to read. I saw a few new ones too, but I didn't request them. I just have so many books to read! This one sounds like I would enjoy it though. Thanks for the review!

    Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings


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