Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When it rains....it pours!

Life is never simple.  Wouldn't it  be nice if it were?  Recently I mentioned in a post that I was looking forward to this week when my kids would pretty much be done with football and soccer to catch up on some much needed reading time.

It would be wonderful it that could just happen.  The world and stars would magically align and I could work on my goals, trial free.  :)

This weekend my husband became very ill.  He had a massive migraine and was thinking he was passing another kidney stones (he passes one every couple of years).  He finally let me take him to the emergency room yesterday where it was determined that he needed his appendix removed.

Yes, it did rupture.  Yes, he is still in the hospital and will be there at least until tomorrow.  NO, I am not getting the time that I wanted to catch up on reading.  If I miss a review this week, I apologize.  I am only answering email that is vitally important.  Many are sitting in my inbox until I have time to sit down and  concentrate.  I'm treading water about ready to drown.  Thanks for your patience with me.   ~Lisa


  1. The saddest part of this story is that a ruptured appendix didn't seem all that unusual to your poor husband! Hang in there...

  2. Best of luck! *HUGS* I hope everything gets better. Good luck. You are your family are in my prayers.

    Konstanz Silverbow

  3. Prayers for your husband! Take care.

  4. I had mine out 2 summers ago. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for him. I just tried to think of it as a monthlong vacation!!

  5. i wish him a good and full recovery, don't worry about us and take the time you need dear

  6. Oh, gosh. The football/soccer thing sounds like my life right now, and I sympathize with wanting the rush to be over. Definitely THERE. But... the pain of those appendix things... and to wait 'cause maybe it's a kidney stone... which is also EXCRUCIATING. That's like hoppin' into the fire from the boilin' kettle.

    I hope "rupture" isn't messy. I know there are levels of bad all labeled "rupture".

    Books will wait patiently for you. They are loving, forgiving, devoted stories that want you to read them badly enough to be patient.


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