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Review ~ "What Would The Founding Fathers Think" by David Bowman

What Would the Founding Fathers Think: A Young American's Guide to Understanding the Mess Our Country is in and How We Get OutWhat Would the Founding Fathers Think: A Young American's Guide to Understanding the Mess Our Country is in and How We Get Out by David Bowman
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Source: Received copy to review from author at LDSBA convention
Genre: Nonfiction/Educational for youth

 Book Description: History, politics, government they're not just for grown-ups anymore. Today's teens are about to be handed a collapsing nation and it'll be their job to fix it. Enter David Bowman. With wit, humor, and sound judgment, he skillfully illustrates America's biggest problems and presents an interactive guide to understanding them that's so much fun adults will want to read it too.

My thoughts: Imagine seeing the modern day US government through the eyes of the founding father's. In this book David Bowman imagines what George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison would think about our current situation.

The book does a brilliant job of discussing the role that Government "should" be taking in the life of the American citizen. He illustrates how the Government was organized and how it works best. He then shows how far off track we have gotten as a nation and how inefficient the current role of Government is.

He does all of this in a language that youth will understand. He has fun illustrations and situations that we would see today. This book is really a wake up call. I really appreciate it in the climate that we live in today.

A great and practical resource to learn about the Constitution of the United States of America.

About David Bowman: As a Christian and as a patriot, David Bowman glorifies his Savior and his nation through his fine art, his books, and his motivational speaking.

His "Expressions of Christ" series is unlike any other Fine art depictions of Jesus available. His intimate,
up-close portrayals show Jesus in a variety of "real emotional expressions". Whether it is a tender,
compassionate embrace (Security) or playful laughter at the innocence of children (Innocence), David's
pastel drawings truly capture the indescribable love of our Savior. As one admirer put it, "In your art, I
love that Christ is smiling and laughing. He is so rarely depicted that way. Our home is full of His spirit
thanks to you."

David also writes and illustrates a variety of books for young audiences. Combining his cartooning skills
and his experience teaching at a high school level, David knows how to engage kids, pre-teens, and
teens with books that are both entertaining and enlightening. His best-selling Who's Your Hero series
helps kids want to become modern day examples of heroes from the scriptures. The Great Plan of
Happiness teaches them of God's plan for their lives and Dude, Don't be a Lemuel helps older kids and
teens avoid negative, faith-destroying attitudes.

In the political realm, David's latest work is quickly becoming THE Constitutional/conservative book
for young Americans. In What Would the Founding Fathers Think? A YOUNG American's Guide to
Understanding What Makes Our Nation Great & How we've Strayed, David uses wit, humor, and a
variety of visuals to skillfully teach preteens and teens alike the wisdom of returning to our nation's
founding principles, and in a way that they will actually "get it". Even adults will enjoy the simplicity
of its explanations. As Barbara Stowell, Vice President of Constitution Week USA, puts it: "I've learned
more from this book than all the other government and constitutional course material I've studied."

And David loves to teach! He speaks to youth groups on religious and political topics all over the
country. His fun, engaging style, on a variety of topics, helps motivate them to be all-around better
Christians and patriots. Your kids won't soon forget a David Bowman presentation!

David Bowman and his wife, Natalie, live in the mountains of Arizona with their four children

I met David Bowman this summer at the LDSBA (LDS Booksellers Association) convention.  At the time he gave me an autographed copy of this book to review.  I also want to mention that he is an excellent artist.  His pictures of Christ are beautiful and inspiring.  You can find his work at this link!

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  1. Having read and reviewed this book, I couldn't agree more. I would love to use this in a classroom. But I will settle for my daughter to read it one day.

    Thanks for reviewing and promoting it!


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