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Guest Post: "The Moon In Habock's Mirror" author Kara Bartley

Kara Bartley is stopping by today for a visit.  She wants everyone to know about her new book "The Moon in Habock's Mirror."  I will turn the time over to her so she can tell us more about her book.

The Moon In Habock’s Mirror is my fourth novel but my first fantasy. The story came to me in a dream. It was so vivid—I remember all the scenes playing out before me. I couldn’t shake the idea that I was supposed to do more with it than just dream it. And so I got up (it was about three o’clock in the morning) and started writing what would be the first few chapters of the book. I knew exactly where it was headed because I saw it all while I was sleeping. Other parts were added to give it volume and depth and then off I went on a rollercoaster adventure.

My favourite part of writing this novel was when I was able to see life through Habock’s eyes. I had so much fun writing for him. He was such a complex character with so many secrets and I knew that if I could just get inside his mind, then I would be able to turn the tables and really have some fun. Scarlett was more simple, a rogue character in need of guidance. To me, the momentum really kicked in when Habock and Scarlett began conversing with one another. Both characters’ personalities ignited and we were able to see some of the burdens they were harbouring. The dynamics between those two really inspired me even though I was the one writing them. They made me take a closer look at relationships in general and see life in a different view. And ultimately want to write more about them. Habock and Scarlett will return one day. For them, it’s only a matter of time.
About the book:
THE MOON IN HABOCK’S MIRROR, follows the life of Scarlett Cavanaugh, a golden-hearted but reckless fifteen-year-old. Although born with a hole in her heart, she has learned to live life without limits—in contrast to her twin sister, Gwendolyn. A few weeks before the girls’ sweet sixteenth birthday party, Scarlett is punished after breaking curfew with a school boy. In lieu of a weekend with friends, she is instead banished to the attic in her house, to clean. It is there that Scarlett discovers a mysterious diary, a mirror with secrets, and a pet’s unnatural mother tongue.
A newly-acquainted friend named Habock, leads Scarlett into the future through an unsuspecting portal. In his attempt to show how her life has changed, they accidentally become trapped in another time and their journey soon diverges. With a little guidance from a celestial spirit, each learns the truth about the past as they both encounter new friends and enemies along the way. In the hopes of finding one another, Scarlett and Habock instead become part of a deceptive plot, devised by those who wish to destroy their family lines.
A jumble of truth, deceit, fear and illusion, we watch as Habock and Scarlett take us on their rollercoaster adventure.

About Kara:
Kara Bartley has always been interested in animals, so it comes as no surprise that her world is surrounded by them in both her life and imagination. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Earth Science, a post-graduate diploma in Geographic Information Systems and a master’s degree in Vertebrate Paleontology. In the spring of 2002, she began writing her first novel The Siamese Mummywhile on a dig for fossils in Kansas. The book was later released in 2006.
Kara is also the author of The Unearthlings and Call of Adhara. She lives in Niagara Falls with her three Siamese cats—Apollo, Achilles and Agamemnon. Her horse Dapplynn is her biggest companion, and anxiously awaits the day that she too will have a guest appearance in one of her mother’s books.
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(Taken from Pump Up Your Book)

You can read an excerpt of her book at Pump Up Your Book's site.  Here is the link:

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