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Chasing Red by Lauren Winder Farnsworth (Blog Tour + giveaway)

Chasing Red by Lauren Winder Farnsworth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received eBook to review.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:  Ryder Redmond can’t wait to begin her new life in New York City, with her first real job after college. But the big city gets a little more complicated once she meets the charming and mysterious Damian Wolfe. On the surface he seems perfect, but her friend Hunter is suspicious of his all-too-straight smile and his motives towards Ryder. With her heart on the line, Ryder will have to decide just how much she trusts the handsome city slicker.

My thoughts; Ryder is one of the kindest, most trusting young women out there. She has just moved from her home town of Salt Lake City to New York City. She looks for the best and sees the best in everyone and in every situation. People who are downright rude to her, she finds a reason why they may be behaving that way and tries to be friendly.

Being a new innocent girl in a big city makes her a target for some unsavory characters. She was fortunate to meet Lily immediately on her arrival. They create a unique dynamic. I would say that they mix salt and sweet, somehow it works. Ryder also meets a great friend at work, his name is Hunter and he is her champion. He watches out for her and does his best to protect her from harmful people and circumstances.

Her love interest is Damien Wolfe. He is handsome, wealthy, and charismatic. He sweeps her off of her feet. He does and says all of the right things that make her appreciate him, but at the same time, all of her family and friends dislike him. I was looking over friend reviews and noticed that someone mentioned that this could be a twist on the Red Riding Hood fairy tale. I didn't notice that when reading, but I can see in hindsight the possibility. (His last name is Wolfe, she has red hair, that should been a major clue.)

There is a lot more to the story. I don't want to say much more because I feel that I would be giving away too much and spoiling the book for potential readers. I will add that there is some excitement, suspense, and mystery to the book. I did not see those events coming. I thought it would be a straight forward romance.

The book contains kissing, a little bit of violence including an attack of a sexual nature, and some innuendo. The book also has religious references. It mainly deals with her upbringing and character. I didn't find it to preach, just give background info for her situation.

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About the Author: (Taken from Goodreads)  Lauren Winder Farnsworth was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is an avid reader, a chocolate enthusiast, and a CPA with a slight alternative music obsession and dreams of one day becoming a gourmet chef. She obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Accounting from the University of Utah, went to work as a financial statement auditor, and then decided that since creative accounting wasn’t an option, creative writing would have to do. As a nice compromise, accountants tend to crop up in her stories (since she believes they’re shockingly under-represented in literature anyway). 

Having obtained two degrees from the same institution has made Lauren somewhat of a compound collegiate fan, and the only entity that holds more of her heart than the University of Utah is her hunky husband, Bryan. Lauren currently lives in South Jordan, Utah, where she spends entirely too much time watching Gilmore Girls and looking for excuses not to clean. She loves hearing from her readers at

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