Friday, July 25, 2014

Book Review ~ "Skylight" by Kevin Hopkins

SkylightSkylight by Kevin Hopkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source:  Received to Review
Genre: Catastrophe, Suspense

Book Description:  One October night, millions died when the air suddenly became unbreathable. Miraculously left alive, Martin Fall journeys home to Los Angeles and watches as society collapses all around him, leaving him to pick up the pieces. But when he’s recruited for a dangerous mission, he must confront his tragic past to rescue a technology that could save the earth from destroying itself.

My thoughts: A calamity kills millions. Quality of life disintegrates for the masses, leaving a few power hungry living in luxury while most don't have the basics to get by.

This book follows Martin Fell. At the beginning of the book he watches as his wife, daughter, and friends die from a lack of atmospheric oxygen. He can't save them, but he can try to save his friends daughter and take her to a safer place, back to his home in California.

The book looks at his life after the catastrophe, he is trying to puzzle pieces together to solve why there have been explosions at oil refineries. He has the expertise to help, but he still suffers from his past.

The book vacillates between Martin's present and recollections of life immediately following the catastrophe. Each chapter ends with the uncertainty and actions he took to return home, the chaos of life, and the panic of the people.

The book is very interesting. It is obvious to me that Kevin Hopkins knows about the environment and energy. His scenario made sense. I found the book to be a precautionary look at what we could be doing to our plant by carelessness and greed.

The book is full of suspense. There is a mystery that Martin is trying to solve. His instincts are impeccable and he is a man of integrity. He is faced with many emotional roadblocks, but still keeps moving to discover the truth.

This book is written for environmentalists, suspense, mystery, and dystopian readers. It's just a great story that gives the reader something to think about when the book is done.  This book does contain violence.

About the Author:  Kevin Hopkins is the director of energy and environmental research for The Communications Institute, a Los Angeles-based think tank. He previously served as director of the White House Office of Policy Information, where he advised the President of the United States on economic, energy, and environmental policy, and also was senior policy counsel to the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy. He has published several books on U.S. economic and social policy, including The Catastrophe Ahead and Poverty and Welfare Dependency, and served for 20 years as a senior contributing editor to Business Week magazine. Skylight is his first novel.

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