Friday, July 11, 2014

Book Review ~ "Poppy" by Riana Lucas

PoppyPoppy by Riana Lucas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Electronic copy from Publisher
Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Description: Poppy, a young female Warrior Faery from the Unseelie Court is sent out to retrieve Halflings from the human world to help build her Kings army. A seasoned warrior, she sets out on what should be a routine exercise, but not this mission. Suddenly Poppy's world is turned upside down. She meets an odd Halfling - Reed, portals between worlds close, assassin attempts, and much much more

My thoughts: Poppy is a warrior for the Unseelie court. The King sends her on a routine mission to bring a halfling to the court, another warrior to help the Unseelie against the Seelie court.

The mission is not routine. The Seelie Queen has closed the portals from fairy to the human realm. The mission becomes dangerous and longer than expected as Poppy and her halfling, Reed, are forced to journey to find a way back to fairy.

I liked this book. It is full of discovery for Poppy. She has a lot to think about. She doesn't like many of the things of the unseelie court, and she doesn't have many friends. She doesn't think highly of humans. All that she believes that she knows is tested on her mission. Life is not as she thinks it is, and she realizes that she does want friends.

The book closes on a cliffhanger. I'm ready for the next, right now!

About the Authors:  Riana Lucas is actually a duo of writers who are best friends and go by the names Nichole and Angela in the real world. Realizing that gobbling up books like hungry caterpillars and then discussing them for hours at a time wasn't fulfilling enough, the team decided to write their first book together. The Deadly Flowers Series was born out of a kernel of an idea and has grown into a four books series. The two have realized their true calling in life and plan to make a career out of writing books with strong characters who evoke true emotion.

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  1. The cover is so fantastic. I am so excited to read it!


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