Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family must come first!

Over the next few days, week, or however long it takes I will have difficulty keeping up with the schedules that I have on this blog.  I apologize to anyone that I have made a promise to and may overlook during this time.  My mother-in-law was hospitalized for pneumonia yesterday.  She took a turn for the worse overnight.  She is in ICU, and family members are flying in to gather together.

She is currently under sedation with a breathing tube.  This is to keep her lungs inflated.  She also has a pic line to get the antibiotics to where they need to be faster.  The next few days will be touch and go.  I will be spending time at the hospital with my husband, I feel that he needs my support more than anything else right now.

My mother and father-in-law.


  1. I will keep you and your family in my prayers

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your husband, and all of your family. I'm praying for the best for your mother-in-law. I am clearly not one to whom you promised anything here on your blog, but I feel certain that those to whom you did make promises will willingly and without a second thought let you out of them. So please don't worry about any of that!! You've got enough on your mind. Take good care of yourself, and of your husband. All my best.

  3. Sorry to hear this. May the Comforter be with you all. Will keep her & family in my prayers. <3

  4. So sorry to hear your news. My thoughts to you and your family.


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