Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review ~ " The Romance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" by Amanda Tru

The Romance of the Sugar Plum FairyThe Romance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Amanda Tru
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Genre: Clean romance novella

Book Description: After one last performance, Calyssa Durant will be trading in her ballet slippers for an uncertain future.

Having sacrificed so much of her life to become a ballerina, Calyssa has met her goals only to long for something more. She will dance the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the 'Nutcracker' one more time before quitting her traveling ballet troupe.

But, when a late-night rehearsal ends with surprising danger, Calyssa and theater owner, Nikolas Clauson, are caught in a battle with an unexpected villain. As the smoke clears, Calyssa finds herself on a journey to her own, real-life 'Land of the Sweets'. Will she also find her own Nutcracker Prince, or will his stormy past and current secrets be more than this ballerina can overcome?

My thoughts: Amanda Tru does a wonderful job at telling a story. She is able to quickly capture the interest of her reader and he plots are excellent.

Calyssa is a prima ballerina. Her desire is to be able to live a life that is not on the road. She wants to find a place to belong and explore other avenues of her profession. She faces opposition in her choice but is firm in her resolve.

She is on her final tour. She has given notice that she will no longer perform with her touring company. The owner of the theater is intriguing to her. There is instant attraction, but he comes with a lot of baggage. She has to decide if Nikolas is worth the effort, or should she move on and find her life somewhere else?

This is a novella that is packed with action and romance. While the events happen in a few short days, I love that the end there is an epilogue that lets the reader know how their lives turned out.

It is a love-at-first-sight book. It is a book that can be read and savored in a day.  It's a clean romance too!

About Amanda:  Although I loved my job as an elementary school teacher, I am now very blessed to be mommy to three adorable little boys and living my dream of being an author.  

I have a vivid imagination and have always been easily entertained by the stories in my head.  Fortunately, I also love to paint those pictures with words.  I like writing a wide variety of genres, and my current book list includes everything from a Christian time travel / romance series, to an action-packed suspense, to a romance involving a woman who likes to anonymously play matchmaker.

Although I enjoy historical, Christian, paranormal, suspense, and everything in between, my books all have one thing in common--I love to surprise my readers with the unexpected.  I currently have 7 books available for kindle, nook, and paperback.

My family and I live in a small Idaho town where the number of cows outnumbers the number of people.  


  1. So happy to hear that this is clean! I was a little nervous when I saw the title, LOL. It sounds like this was a good read, with plenty of plot twists and good romance! Great review. :)

    1. Amanda Tru writes clean romance. I have come to trust her as an author. She has some great stories.

  2. Sounds great! I'm going to have to check it out. Nice review! :)
    Kelly @The Secret Bookworm

  3. Thanks, Lisa! My mom reads all of my books and I could never write anything I would be embarrassed to have her read. That's not to say my books are tame or boring; but they are clean! :)


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