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Book Review ~ "Junket is Nice" by Dorothy Kunhardt

Junket Is NiceJunket Is Nice by Dorothy Kunhardt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received from publicist for review
Genre: Children's picture book

Book Description:  WHAT IS JUNKET?

Junket is a delicious custard and a lovely dessert.

But why is the old man with a red beard and red slippers eating such an enormous bowl of junket, and what could he possibly be thinking about while he feasts?

That’s a good question! And one that the old man poses to the crowds and crowds of people that gather to watch him. In fact, almost everyone in the whole world wants to know the answer to this riddle.

And only one little boy has the answer.

This ingenious book of inspired nonsense was the very first from Dorothy Kunhardt, whose Pat the Bunny has delighted generations of young children.

My thoughts:  This is a cute book for children. It has a whimsical atmosphere and silliness that kids will like.

A man with a red beard is eating Junket. (I didn't know there was something edible called junket before reading this book.) He is eating from a big read bowl. He keeps eating and eating until the whole world comes to watch him eat.

He asks everyone in the whole world to guess what he is thinking of while he is eating his junket. They come up with some silly answers but is the little boy on the tricycle who finally answers correctly.

The punctuation is a little different. Many sentences are run on, I think that it is to add to the silliness of the book.  You feel like you are running a race reading them.  My kids tried to read them in one breath and just couldn't do it. This book was originally published in 1932. They have stayed true to the original publication when publishing this modern addition.

While reading this book, I could picture a librarian reading it to a group of kids. I could picture the kids laughing and coming up with their own silly guesses.

About Dorothy Kunhard (1901-1979):  Dorothy Kunhardt was the author of over 50 children's book, including the legendary interactive baby book, Pat the Bunny. She was also a historian, writing several books about 19th century America, including a well-known account of the aftermath of Lincoln's assassination.

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