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Blog Tour ~ "Why Is The Sky Blue?" by Shabana Muhajir


Why Is the Sky Blue? by Shabana Muhajir
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Genre:Children's Picture Book

Book Description: While playing at the beach, two boys begin to wonder why the sky is blue and ask their mother to explain the reason to them. As they are very young, their mother needs to decide how best to explain to her boys. She discusses the phenomenon of the blue sky in a manner that even her six year old can understand. While addressing their initial query, the boys come up with several other related questions, and the mother answers them all with simple facts and drawings. To make it easier and more interesting, she performs a fun experiment with her boys, which shows them why the sky is blue at sunrise and red/orange at sunset. The book is a must have for all those curious kids who are trying to make sense of the world around them, and for all those parents who want to satisfy their curiosity.

My thoughts: Two boys walking on the beach ask their mum a question that all kids ask, "Why is the sky blue?".

I really liked the way this book dealt with childhood curiosity. This mother takes a question and teaches her children. From there, more questions are asked and answers given. The book is written from the perspective of a discussion.

I loved how the mother answered her children and then questioned them to see if they understood. She takes it one step further and shows them a simple experiment, that anyone can do at home, to illustrate her point.

The children's explanations are at a different level. Where the older understood more scientific terminology, the younger got the basics and expressed it back to his mother. Honestly, I learned a few things from the book.

I wish when my kids were younger and still wanted to read a book with me, that I could have used this. It helps lead to discussion and learning moments. I could see some great teaching moments that could occur beyond the pages of the book.

About the Author:  Shabana, a Canadian, spent her early years in various countries and now lives with her husband, two sons in Singapore.
She has a Master’s degree in Education from Newfoundland and a Master’s in Business Administration from Windsor, Canada.
She worked for a telecommunication company in Canada and Singapore for thirteen years as a marketing and business development professional. She’s currently working as a Director at a consulting firm, and serving as the Vice President/room parent co-ordinator of the PTA at her sons’ school.
She loves to read both fiction and non-fiction books. Her kids are also avid readers and love performing experiments and finding out how things work. She conducts weekly experiments with them based on their interest and level of understanding.
It was her boys’ curiosity and endless questions that led her to write her first book, Why is the Sky Blue?  
She plans to write a series of non-fiction books on thought-provoking and interesting topics for children.

Find her at:   Facebook * Webpage * Twitter

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