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Book Review ~ "China's Goodwill Ambassador-Tai Shan the Panda by Patricia Eireann Holz

China's Goodwill Ambassador-Tai Shan the PandaChina's Goodwill Ambassador-Tai Shan the Panda by Patricia Eireann Holz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Children's Picture Book

Book Description:  "China’s Goodwill Ambassador Tai Shan the Panda" is a mischevious four year-old panda, a descendant of the first panda pair given as gifts from the Chinese people to the American people in 1972. He isa popular and beloved sight for children visiting the National Zoo in Washington, DC. All is well until he discovers he must leave the zoo and go alone to Sichaun province, China. With mixed feelings he learns from his parentsthat he must go to help save endangered baby pandas. Tai Shan also learns the meaning of a goodwill ambassador as he says goodbye to all his friends and travels on the Bamboo Express to China. He is daring, friendly andoutgoing, and his courage is constantly tested through some great adventures. Combines fact and fiction based on the true story of the real Tai Shan.

My thoughts:  This is a very cute picture book depicting Tai Shan. He is a panda living in the Washington Zoo with his parents. He is told that he must undertake a journey to China to be an ambassador. He learns that an ambassador fosters goodwill between the US and China. He is to go and help baby panda's in a reserve.

This book is told from Tai Shan's perspective. He is an adorable juvenile panda. This book is about his adventure from the US to China and his willingness to make friends and help out the baby panda's.

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