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"The Little Boy Who Didn't Say 'Bless You' " by Lisa Katz - Book Review

The Little Boy Who Didn't Say The Little Boy Who Didn't Say "Bless You" by Lisa Katz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Genre: Children's Picture Book

Book Description:  This is a story about manners and what it means to be considerate. There is a common phrase that is said after someone sneezes. One day in school, Bobby's classmate sneezes, but he doesn't know that it's polite to say “bless you!”. Who knew you could learn so much from two little words!

My thoughts:  This is a very cute children's picture book dealing with manners. It is written in rhyme and flows very well.  Lisa Katz has tackled helping children learn to be polite and does so in a very non-threatening or authoritative way.

This book deals with a little boy named Bobby who sneezes in school. His classmate doesn't know that he should be considerate and say "Bless You" when someone sneezes. It explains to children that being polite and considerate go a long way in feelings of kindness and good will.

About Lisa Katz: L isa Katz grew up primarily in South Florida. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Florida and continued her education to earn a Master’s degree in Reading a couple of years later. In 1993, Lisa and her husband moved to Pittsburgh, PA where she worked as a Literacy Specialist. A few years down the road, Lisa embraced her role as full-time mother. It was during this time that she began writing her first children’s book.
Lisa and her family moved to Charlottesville, Virginia and lived there for 10 years until recently settling into Gainesville, Florida in January 2012. Coming back to Gainesville after a 20-year hiatus has been a wonderful experience for Lisa. The Little Boy Who Didn’t Say “Bless You” is her debut children’s picture book. Lisa has also written a funny women’s “coffee-table” book called Jean Expressions as well as a feature-length screenplay. Look for more of her books in the near future!

Lisa also has another book out for women. It is short, about the size of a picture book and it is called "Jean Expressions".

Book Description:  “Wait, let me try them on again after I’ve had a pitcher of Sangria. Maybe then I’ll like them more.” Jeans have become an invaluable staple in everyone’s wardrobe. However, shopping for the perfect jean can truly be a disaster! Women especially love to talk with other women about their dressing room and shopping experiences. This book has captured those (often hilarious) experiences. Here you will find a compilation of comments that either I have made, friends or family have made, or that have been overheard while trying on jeans. It’s always more fun to share your experience with others - especially the funny ones!

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