Thursday, May 2, 2013

Free Kindle Book ~ "The Search for Artemis" by P.D. Griffith

Consumed with guilt after a horrible tragedy, LANDON WICKER is forced into a life where teenagers can lift city buses with their minds and people don’t just see—but control—the world around them. Landon struggles to accept his new reality but finds solace in the company of hundreds of teenagers just like him when he’s taken to a secret training facility for psychokinetics—the Gymnasium. 

But everything changes after a chance encounter with a mysterious girl. She propels Landon on a hunt for answers about the true nature of his abilities and his new home, and he soon uncovers some dark truths the Gymnasium would do anything to keep hidden.

Will he discover the truth? What is hidden in the Restricted Tower? And who is Artemis? Landon must choose where his loyalties lie, while he comes to terms with his past—and his future.

This is FREE until May 6th, get your copy today!

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