Monday, May 6, 2013

Book Review ~ "Kiss Me, Curse Me" by Kate Shay

Kiss Me, Curse MeKiss Me, Curse Me by Kate Shay
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: Paranormal

Book description: This is a story of a kiss--a simple kiss. . . and a boy. . . and a girl.

It's the Great Depression, but you would barely know it in Dam Town. The building of the great Carnee Dam has brought money, men, and mischief into an otherwise seemingly quiet desert community.

Ahanu is an outcast, born into a culture that despises him. He is Native American, of the land, a free spirit. If he wasn't in love with a girl that was already taken, maybe he could spend his days in the forest just as he pleases, but life isn't that simple.

Coreen is on a path to nowhere, dating the typical boy, and doing as her father always asks, or that's how it appears. On one moonlit night, her fate becomes entwined in an old curse unlocked by the boy of her dreams--true love--Ahanu.

This curse is old and it will have its way, it will do its damage

My thoughts: Coreen and Ahanu are a young couple in love. Unfortunately the live in a time when there was great prejudice against couples of different ethnic backgrounds.

Coreen sneaks away from her seemingly perfect life to meet Ahanu, when she is injured and fighting for her life and soul. An ancient curse has been unlocked that shakes their small town.

This story deals with many issues. It is not a light hearted story that can be read quickly and then forgotten. It covers many of mankinds hidden worlds: prejudice, prostitution, evil, dark magic, sacrifice, and murder.

I would not recommend this book to anyone who is not a mature reader.  There is swearing, violence,  and sexual innuendo.

About the Author:  Kate Shay was born in Scotland under a full moon amongst the misty moors. Her homeland calls to her still, but now she basks in the Seattle rains and visits the Isle only in her dreams.
She took creative writing in college for two years and has been writing for the last five years. She keeps a diary with her sad and romantic poems for when she's in the mood, usually it's after watching The English Patient--her favorite all-time movie.
Currently, she is writing Kiss Me, Save Me--the sequel to her new release and has plans for many more series.
Visit her blog for more information on upcoming releases and the odd post.

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