Saturday, December 31, 2011

RECAP of 2011 challenges & 2012 challenges I am participating in. :)

This year I participated in five challenges.  I set my sights a little too high and I didn't come up to the level of the  challenges.

I completed two of the challenges.  I was able to read 100 books this year and I completed the mini challenge.  I did read some books of the other challenges, but found myself overwhelmed by review promises, which I am sadly behind on.  Check back tomorrow when I will have a giveaway posted associated with my Book Bucket challenge.

Clicking on the links below will take you to  my posts on each particular giveaway, and my progress.

This year I am only participating in two challenges.  Both deal with reading one book for fun every month.  Honestly, I'm nervous about it.

Here are the books that I plan to read each month ~ just for fun.

January ~ Trapped
February ~ Haven
March ~ Eden
April ~ The Near Witch
May ~ Minor Adjustments
June ~ A Discovery of Witches
July ~ Illuminations of the Heart
August~ Divergent
September ~ The Dark Elite
October ~ Personal Demons
November~ Night of the Solstice
December ~ Dark Mirror

Yes!  I wrote them in on my calendar to schedule them.  How sad is that?  They are all books that I have purchased because I wanted to read them, but I haven't taken the time to read them yet.



  1. Awesome! I've read the book you have scheduled for July - awesome one! The third book in that series comes out in January! Good luck with getting through all the books.

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