Friday, December 2, 2011

Review ~ The Magi by Bevan Olsen

The Magi by Bevan Olsen

Source: Received from  Cedar Fort Publishing to review

Book Description: The journey of the three Magi is a touching reminder that we should all seek the Savior, then share the glad message with others during this Christmas season.

Colleen's Thoughts: This is a short poem telling the story of the three Magi.  Although this story is well known, it is always interesting to read it from a new perspective.  One of the wise men is the orator in this book.  I enjoyed reading what he may have been thinking as he journeyed to meet the Savior.  Like all of us, he struggled to know what he could possibly give to the Son of God.  In the end he decided to give him all of his gold, which I believe may symbolize our giving Him all that we have.  It is a simple poem, but tenderly told; and a very good one to read to your children.

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