Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review: Tales of Little Bear and Little Buffalo

Tales of Little Bear and LitteBuffalo by Roy Naquin

Genre:  Middle Grade nonfiction
Source: Received to review from the author through Bostick Communications

Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Description from Goodreads: Adventures in the Wilderness!

Little Bear is a boy whose curiosity is matched only by his daring. He and his cousin, Little Buffalo, grow up in a changing world where they balance tradition - like earning the right to their own dugout canoes - with the form of a new local schoolhouse. Little Bear's father is the tribal chief, but that doesn't stop Little Bear from getting into mischief. From acts of great bravery to gestures of deep compassion, Little Bear and Little Buffalo put themselves heart and soul into every moment of their lives, with contagious joy and spontaneous wisdom.

Roy Naquin's beautiful storytelling retains the clarity, cadence, and humor of these delightful family stories told to him by his father and grandfather. Tales of Little Bear and Little Buffalo is a treasure for children and adults alike.

Beka's thoughts:    The book 'Tales of Little Bear and Little Buffalo'  is an interesting tale of two young Indian boys.  Through out the book the two have many adventures and get into trouble.  This book was written for ages eight to eleven, or older depending on what you want to read.  The story is told in first person, depicting Little Bear as the main character.  The way it is written is to the point and very easy to read and understand.  I give this book 3 out of five stars, and recommend it to 4th-5th graders, or anyone who wants a quick and easy read.

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