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Ednah Walter's book "Betrayed" is on tour. Read an excerpt here!

I am very happy and excited to be taking part in a blog tour for Ednah Walter's book "Betrayed".  I absolutely loved the first book "Awakened".  You can read my review... here!  I also posted a character!  Through my interaction with Ednah I have found her to be a delightful person as well as a talented author.

Today we can read an excerpt from the the second book in the Guardian Legacy.  It is "Betrayed" and it is due for release on August 1st.  For anyone who has eReading ability, you can pick up an eCopy now.  I will post the links at the end of the excerpt.

I won't make you wait any longer.  Here is a sample of what you can find when you read 'Betrayed":

Stinging cold air replaced the warmth of the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he shot up above the valley so fast everything grew hazy. Wind whipped his raven hair until it lay flat on his head, his powerful wings beating the air in a fast, smooth rhythm.
I laughed. Brilliant way of cooling off.
Happy you approve.
Who said I did? I buried my face against his neck and kissed his skin.
Bran chuckled. Quit messing with my head or I’ll drop you.
He wouldn’t. I dropped kisses along his jaw. He laughed aloud and claimed my lips. Frigid air tugged at my pajama bottoms and nipped at my socked feet but heated blood shot through my veins. We were high up, the lights from the valley and surrounding counties glistening like stars. It was a good thing our bodies adjusted to extreme temps, otherwise we’d be icicles.
Bran steadied, his wings opening and closing. Blissful silence surrounded us. “Want to go on or go back?”
My report needed one more review before I could print it and I had school the next day, but it had been awhile since we went anywhere alone.
“I want to watch a sunset, just the two of us,” I said.
Bran chuckled. “What time is it?”
I pressed a button on my watch to light up the LCD screen. “Ten-thirty.”
“I know just the place. Hang on.”
I tended to teleport with my eyes closed, but this time, I kept them open. All I saw were streaming swirls and streaks of light, then blue skies and brisk winds replaced the moonless night. Below us, clouds hugged the base of a mountain range. Bran landed smoothly on the summit of the tallest inactive volcanic crater. I glanced around the rocky terrain. Weird looking plants dotted the barren slopes. An empty parking lot and some buildings were visible off to our far right.
“Where are we?” I looked around.
Instead of answering, Bran sat on an outcrop of rock and secured me on his lap. He tucked my head under his chin, and his wings closed around us like a cloak. “Watch.”
My breath caught at the vibrant purple and orange hues streaking across the western sky. The landscape turned various shades of gold and red. I sunk against Bran’s chest and watched the sun float to the edge of the earth and sink out of sight. My eyes filled with tears as defiant daylight clung to the horizon. Bran pressed his lips to my temple and held me tighter.
“We’re on the summit of Haleakala in Maui,” he whispered as the colors waned, chased by darkness. The wind picked up. “Few people brave the cold night chill or the treacherous drive back in the dark to watch the sunset.”
“It’s beautiful,” I said with a sigh. “How did you discover it?”
“By accident, but I keep coming back. I promised myself I’d bring you as soon as you were allowed outside the valley.”
“Thank you.” Brilliant stars appeared in the eastern horizon. Happiness wrapped around my throat. If only this would last forever.
“Let’s make this our special place.”
I frowned. “We already have a special place, the ridge overlooking our valley.”
He brushed my hair away from my face and tilted my chin so he could look into my eyes. “But we won’t always be there. Guardians don’t stay anywhere longer than fifteen years. I want you to remember this place in case we’re ever separated.”
“What are you talking about?” The seriousness in his tone and eyes had warning bells going off in my head. My heart fluttered with unease.
He scowled. “After the meeting today, I realized we need to be prepared. Anything can happen when demons are involved. It might be a war, floods, or nuclear disaster. It could happen tomorrow, ten or fifty years from now, it doesn’t matter. Promise me that if we’re ever separated, you’ll come up here and leave me a message.”
The thought of the two of us apart sliced like a knife through my heart. I swallowed, panic coursing through me. “I promise,” I whispered in a shaky voice.
His eyes glistened. “And I promise to find you no matter what.”

Links to purchase :

There will be a release party on July 31 - August 1 (10 pm start and end time).  You can win some goodies!  Ednah's books will be available as well as some other great reads from Indie author's including: Jennifer Laurens, Jennifer Armentrout (ARCs of Half-Blood), Keary Taylor (Dystopian new release Eden) and more.

Follow this link to attend!

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