Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review of "Being"

BeingBeing by T. R. Mousner
Rating " 4.5 of 5 stars
Genre: YA SCI - FI

Description from GoodreadsFor elite extraterrestrial pilot EBN-Reyoz-X, awaiting rescue while hiding out in a trailer park is a grueling nightmare. She's injured, lacks proper supplies and can't blend in with the indigenous population because she's seven feet tall and can't control the trail of wildflowers blooming in the wake of her footsteps. She's unprepared to begin sexual maturity in the alien land and when she develops feelings for Shale, the mute teenage boy next door, she's convinced circumstances can get no worse.

Except rescue never comes and once word spreads that her touch holds miraculous healing abilities, EBN must find a way to fix her ship, evade capture by the United States Air Force and survive long enough to return home.

My thoughts: I enjoyed the take on this Young Adult Sci-Fi book. It is told from two points of view. The first is EBN, she has crashed landed on Earth. It is interesting to see the negative and positive aspects of Earth culture told through and alien viewpoint. I enjoyed and agreed with the analysis. She expects to be rescued, but rescue doesn't come.  She must learn to adapt and "fit in".  It's hard to do when you are seven feet tall!  She also has a unique power to heal humans of their infirmities.  That also makes it hard to blend in.

EBN is struggling to survive in a toxic environment when she meets a young human and bonds with him. He is 13 and she begins to develop feelings for him. It seems that he is a little too young, but there are things that make me wonder if he is fully human. That will remain to be seen in future installments of the book.

Her brother Aix is trying to put the pieces together of her disappearance, he realizes that things are not adding up and it is leading to political intrigue on his home planet. We see his struggle to put the pieces together and learn more of her disappearance.  He is a very intelligent and resourceful young man, I mean alien.

The book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, that is why I believe that there will be more. There is some swearing, it comes from bullies, other that that I have no reservations in recommending this book to anyone who likes a good book.  This book would be classified as young adult, but I think that it has a cross appeal.

I received an eBook edition from the author to review.

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  1. I'm not a sci fi fan at all but the cover of this one would give me pause. Great review.


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