Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review of "Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth"

Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth: A Middle Grade Novel by Andy Hueller
Genre: Fantasy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Description form Goodreads: Calvin Comet Cobble lives at Hidden Shores Orphanage. Location: the very center of the earth. Cal's life is full of the school bully and mean teachers, but when he meets Mr. E, who can skip a stone clear across Lake Arctic, everything about Cal's life changes. Told with wit and charm, Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth is guaranteed to excite and inspire readers of all ages

My thoughts: The story takes place in an imaginary city at the center of the Earth. The story jumps back and forth from the present to twelve years earlier and the events that lead to the discovery of the center of the Earth.

Cal lives in an orphanage. He is tormented about his red and unruly hair. He has few friends and references he doesn't understand are made about his father. He has never met and knows nothing about his father. He is only given the information that the people in the orphanage want him to know, and the "adults" at the orphanage are not the best influence's to have around.  He is miserable.  Life takes a turn for the better when Cal learns to skip stones and face his fears.

I was amazed at the world that Andy Hueller came up with.  There were times where I felt like scratching my head and asking how in the world did he come up with that?  This book does not lack for creativity and I think that younger readers will really grasp his story and enjoy it.

I received a copy from Netgalley to read.  I am also participating in a blog tour for this book and will have a character interview posted tomorrow!  Come back and learn more about the story.

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  1. I'm not a fan of stories that jump back & forth in time, but I love the premise. I would like to read 'Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth' for myself.



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