Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Want to read a book full of fun? Out of the Mouth of Babes by Stephanie Fowers.

Out of the Mouth of Babes by [Fowers, Stephanie]Out of the Mouth of Babes by Stephanie Fowers
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Book Description:  Kids get away with saying most anything, like Aunt Gina should marry that "charmer" she met at her sister's wedding. 

But Gina won’t have anything to do with that guy who played with her heart that night—he’s a heartbreaker—no matter how much her niece and nephews adore him now. Besides, the two come from different worlds. Gina’s a workaholic career woman; he’s the irresponsible flirt. Whenever they meet, there are fireworks, and not the good kind. 

That is, until her sister wins a cruise to the Caribbean and asks the two to babysit for 2 weeks. Sparks fly as they find a way to play house without burning the place down. Forget marriage—these two shouldn't even date. 

And what do kids know anyway? Maybe everything.

My thoughts: Gina and Ash...sigh. If there was ever a couple that you wanted to succeed, it would be them. The cuteness factor of this book is amazing. From the opening page, there is comedy, attraction, workplace drama, cute kids, embarrassment, and romance. This was a book that was hard to put down!

I couldn't help but root for the couple from their first awkward meeting. They both had toxic people in their lives that I was a little afraid that things were not going to work out. Gina is a career driven woman and Ash is a flirt who has a hard time maintaining a relationship. They both carry baggage from their past that makes it hard to move forward. When they are together they are their best selves.

The adorable factor is present with their shared niece and nephews. That little Luke, he made many of the scenes for me. The kids knew what was best for the adults when the adults were trying to figure things out. Unfortunately, Gina's co-worker's drama was a big part of the book. Ugh, talk about a negative and toxic environment. Her work played a big part in driving the book forward.

This book fun! It contains kissing. I will be looking forward to reading more of Stephanie Fowers book in the future.

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Stephanie FowersAbout the Author:  (Taken from Amazon) Stephanie Fowers loves bringing stories to life, and depending on her latest madcap ideas will do it through written word, song, and/ or film. She absolutely adores Bollywood and bonnet movies; i.e., BBC (which she supposes includes non-bonnet movies Sherlock and Dr. Who). Presently, she lives in Salt Lake where she's living the life of the starving artist. Stephanie plans to bring more of her novels out to greet the light of day. Be sure to watch for her upcoming books, including YA fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, steampunk, regency Greek fantasy, and more--many more--romantic comedies in her line of sweet romances called "Hopeless Romantics." May the adventures begin.
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