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Lightning Struck by Nichole Van

Lightning Struck (Brothers Maledetti Book 3)
Lightning Struck
by Nichole Van
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Genre: Romance/Paranormal

Book Description:   
 Chiara doesn’t like Jack. Jack doesn’t like Chiara. 
The story should end there. 
Except . . . maybe Chiara finds herself daydreaming far too often about Jack. And maybe Jack finds Chiara aggravating in an adorable sorta way. 
Maybe Jack and Chiara find themselves falling in love. 
The problem, of course, remains. 
Jack is a ghost. 
And Chiara is not. 

Jack Knight-Snow has had a bad year for losing things. So far he has lost a ship full of ancient treasure, his family, his friends, his title, his lands and money, his fiancĂ©, the century into which he was born . . . oh, and his physical body. Worse, feisty Chiara D’Angelo might just finish the job and make him lose his mind. 

For her part, Chiara simply wants to help Jack get his body back and move on with his life. She doesn’t want to like his snarky humor or his gorgeous eyes or the way he accepts her exactly as she is. She’s a hot mess when it comes to romantic relationships. Case in point . . . she’s developing feelings for a ghost. 

But tackling the problem of Jack’s ghostliness is not straightforward. Soon, Jack and Chiara find themselves embroiled in a mystery which creates more questions about the D’Angelo brothers’ gifts of Second Sight. Set against the backdrop of Tuscany, Italy, Jack and Chiara race to uncover answers about the past before becoming history themselves. 

Though the third book in the Brothers Maledetti series, Lightning Struck is a full-length, standalone novel.

My thoughts: This is the third book in a series. It can be read as a stand alone, but to fully appreciate the story, you will want to read the others. I have only read the second book, so I really need to read the first!

Jack and Chiara are quite the couple. They have some problems. The first is that he is a ghost and she is not. The second is that they are both strong personalities. It leads to some misunderstandings and trust issues. They have loads of chemistry. The banter and the sarcasm were fantastic. I loved it!!

This book has aspects of romance and paranormal. As I mentioned above, Jack is a ghost. Chiara's triplet brothers are oracles, and there is a tear between realms that oozes sticky black goop. You need to read the book to fully understand. The book also has an aspect of mystery. The family is trying to solve how to get Jack back to a corporeal form. They are also trying to figure out how to break the family curse... the oracle thing. Generations have literally gone mad from dealing with the powers.

This is a fun book to read. It is clean with kissing and non-graphic violence.

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