Saturday, February 13, 2016

Book Review ~ "The Earl Next Door" by Julia Daniels

The Earl Next Door (Brandon Brothers #1)The Earl Next Door by Julia Daniels
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: Received from Author to Review
Genre: Historical Romance

Book Description:  Lord Brandon Maxwell is a flawed man. He lives daily with the ugly memories of the death and destruction he witnessed during England’s war with Napolean. He has become a recluse, avoids people as much as he can, knowing anything can trigger the anxiety attacks that debilitate him. His only solace is the controversial column he writes anonymously for his brother’s newspaper, and the occasional glimpse of his enchanting neighbor, Lilliana. 

Lilliana Staplehurst is about to be evicted. Having lost her parents in a horrible accident six months earlier, she knows the man set to inherit will be arriving any day to boot her from her home. The only distraction from her woes is her weekly correspondence with a mystery man who writes for the local newspaper. When he suggests they meet, she jumps at the chance to put the egotistical man in his place. 

The two neighbors realize quickly they are destined to be together. Although they accept their feelings for one another and allow their love to grow, soon the memories from Maxwell’s past threaten what should be a happily-ever-after. Lilliana will have to be strong enough for both of them, to help him move beyond the past and embrace their future happiness.

My thoughts: The Earl Next Door is a quick read. It is about the romance between Brandon and Lilliana. They have been attracted to each other for years, but it has never been the right time or circumstances to explore their feelings for each other.

This book takes place just as Lilliana's time of mourning is coming to an end. They have an easy rapport with each other from the start. They have been writing anonymously to each other in a newspaper column.

The book deals with some real-life issues. Brandon fought for his country and has PTSD. His flashbacks and nightmares are disabling to him and he fears that Lilliana will reject him. The book to me was about two people finding hope after loss and learning to love and accept each other.

The pacing and dialogue were off in a few places for me. I enjoyed the characters and that helped me get through the places I found a little rough. The book has innuendo and mild swearing.


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  1. I don't like it when the flow of a book doesn't mesh like I think it should ;). The idea behind the book sounds fantastic. only got three I don't know if I am quite ready to add it to the ever growing TBR list ;)


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