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Blog tour ~ "The Charity Chip" by Brock Booher

The Charity ChipThe Charity Chip by Brock Booher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received electronic copy to review
Genre: Suspense

Book Description: Humanitarians unite to teach street kids like Julio how to manage their money and become self-sufficient—all through a chip implanted in their hands. But after he’s accepted into the program, Julio discovers its sinister objective has nothing to do with charity. To save his friends from a terrible fate, Julio must stop the program at all costs, even if it means his own death.

My thoughts: Life isn't easy living on the streets of Lima, Peru. Julio promised his mother before she died that he would take care of his identical twin brother, Raul.  The promise is hard to keep for a young man.

Julio is a street performer, it has become harder to live because people no longer use money. The citizens of Peru have become chipped. They use an electronic device in their hand to pay for goods and services. Unless you have a chip, it is nearly impossible to get food, clothes, etc.

Julio becomes part of a program that gives street kids a chance at education and food. He can't pass up the opportunity, in part to take care of his bother and also to put food in his belly.

This book is very interesting. It really makes you think about ineffective government programs and the extreme measures people will take to have the basic necessities to live. I would say more about the program in this book, but I don't want to give away any part of the plot.

This book has a little bit of romance and a lot of suspense. Julio is on a short time line to make a difference. The things he learns in this book will help others and bring an end to some of the corruption.  I liked the interaction between characters and the plot twists that I didn't expect.  A good book for YA readers and older.

About the Author: (taken from Goodreads)  Brock Booher grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky, the fourth of ten children, where he learned to work hard, use his imagination, and believe in himself. He left the farm to pursue the friendly skies as a pilot, and currently flies for a major US carrier. A dedicated husband and father of six children, he began writing out of sheer arrogance, but the writing craft quickly humbled him. During that process, he discovered that he enjoyed writing because it is an endeavor that can never quite be mastered. He still gladly struggles everyday to improve his writing and storytelling skills.

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