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Blog Tour ~ "Moonlit" by Jadie Jones (giveaway/guest post)

Moonlit by Jadie Jones

Source: Received to Review
Genre: YA 

Book Description:  To most, Tanzy Hightower looks like she has a great life for an eighteen-year-old. She spends her days on Wildwood Farm surrounded by horses and fellow horse lovers. Of course most people don't know about the mysterious shadowy beings lurking on the outskirts of her life. Tanzy isn't sure if they're real or if her eyes are just playing tricks on her until she realizes the horses see the mysterious beings too. And not only do they see then but they're afraid of them.

Moonlit is the story of Tanzy trying to unravel all the secrets of her life. Who are the mysterious beings? Was her accident really an accident? Are her new friends really friends . . . or something more nefarious? How does an ancient warrior end up in horse country? 

My thoughts:  I have not finished this book at the time of writing this post. I really tried to finish, I even read through my daughter's orchestra concert. :)

 I can tell you that I love Jadie Jone's writing style.  The book is intriguing.  There are secrets.  There is a strong young woman as the main character.  Her life is in shambles, but she moves forward with strength.  I will definitely be finishing this book asap and posting a full review.

Read a Guest post by the author!


Jadie Jones – All about the pen name

I am not so good at keeping promises to myself: I am not going to eat chocolate anymore; I’m going to run every single morning; I’m going to save money, and not splurge on that cute pair of boots… within twenty four hours I could probably be found strolling around in said boots with something sweet in my hand, with the thought: next time, I’ll take it seriously, in my head. But if I make a promise to someone else, you can bet the farm on it.

Years ago, when Moonlit was but a scribble in a notebook, I confessed the plot idea and my dream of one day publishing it to my dear friend, Elizabeth.  She’d come over in the evenings and act as a sounding board as I mentally hashed out characters and scenes. Both of our husbands worked late, and she didn’t like to be alone, particularly as she mourned the recent, sudden death of her mother. One night, Elizabeth was having a really hard time accepting the finality of it, and was trying to figure out how she could honor her mother, make some part of her stay alive even though she’s gone. So I said: “I will publish this book. And when I do, I’ll use part of her name.” Elizabeth loved the idea. It felt like the right thing to do, and it fueled the fire within me every time I toyed with the idea of giving up. I’d made a promise, and I would do everything in my power to keep it. Judy Dawn – J.D. is where Jadie comes from. May you rest in peace Judy, and be proud of your amazing daughter. She’s a good friend and a great mother herself.

Before that, I also knew I would honor my grandmother some how should I ever become a publisher author. She may not know it, but she’s a role model for me. She’s also one of the most literary people I know. Of all the reviews Moonlit will receive post-release, my Nana’s makes me the most nervous.  And I know she won’t hold back. As a teenager, she dreamed of becoming a journalist. But it was wartime, and she was (and still is) a very attractive woman. My grandfather snatched her up, and they’ll be married seventy-one years this November. She had four children and a house to run while my grandfather served overseas. Dreams have a way of turning into something like a memory, faraway and past-tense. I’ve asked her if she regrets any of it. She looks at me like I’ve said something shocking and says: ”well, no, honey. I’m happy right where I am.” And she is. She may have an untraveled road, but she loves the path she took. Her name, Shirley Jones, is where Jones comes from. I know that the soul-level need to read and write comes from her, and it’s an honor to use her last name.

I didn’t fully realize the effect the pen name had on me until I had my first book signing for Moonlit. I opened the cover, and, as I’d practiced many, many times, signed “Jadie Jones” inside my book. But this time was different – this time was real. Someone would value this signature, would keep it safe and preserved – and alive. The meaning of it hit me like a freight train: life is short, don’t you ever give up.

Each time I sign Jadie Jones, I think about Judy and Nana. About their lives, their goals. They make me work harder, push further. They remind me to first be a present, positive force in my daughter’s life, and, when she is cared for, to do them proud with every word I put to paper. Most of all, they challenge me to be grateful instead of tired. When “Jadie Jones” started, I thought it was simply to honor two incredible women, but honoring those names has changed me for the better – as a writer, a mother, and a human being.  

About Jadie:
Jadie Jones has been dreaming about being an author since she wrote her first book in the seventh grade—in a black and white composition tablet, of course. But life happens . . . jobs, husband, baby. Jadie has that magical time known as naptime to thank for Moonlit. Because, when all was quiet in the house (with the exception of the washer humming in the background) Jadie could hear Tanzy, who she thought she had long ago relegated to past dreams, calling to her. And one day Jadie pulled out a pen and answered. The result was Moonlit.

When she isn’t writing, Jadie likes to ride horses and explore the world with her beautiful toddler.

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Moonlit is available as a print and e-book at Amazon andBarnes and Noble.

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  1. It sounds like it will be a great read, I haven't ever read any of her books before.

  2. I realy want to know what lurks on the outskirts of the farm for Tanzy and the horses. I have not read any of this authors books in the past, but I love horse stories.

  3. Jadie Jones, what a beautiful story about your pen name! It's such an honor to your friend's mom and your grandmother. Plus, right when I heard it I thought, Gee, that sounds like a bestselling author! ;) Thank you for sharing!

  4. I want to know more about the ancient warrior and her accident! Fantastic cover, by the way :)

  5. Thank you guys so much, and thank you Lisa for having me. I am hard at work on the sequel, and I'm hoping to sumbit it to my publisher this month. So I will keep you posted. Lisa - I can't wait to hear what you think!

  6. Im intruiged by the excerpt I want to know more about Tanzy and whats going on around her .

  7. I not only like stories with a strong character persevering but I l also like horses.


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