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Tangled Tides Blog Tour ~ meet two interesting characters from the book!

I am very excited to share a character interview with you from Tangled Tides.  Today we will get to know Treygan and Rownan, two brothers who are very interesting to say the least.

Karen has been kind enough to share her talents with us for this interview. :)

Both: What were your first impressions of Yara?
Treygan: Go ahead, Rownan. You can answer first. 
Rownan: Hmm, well, she was human when I first met her, so I can't say I was very impressed. But just like algae on a rock, she grows on you after a while. 
Treygan: *rolls his eyes at Rownan* My very first impression of Yara was a long time ago when she was a child. Even back then she had a fiery spirit and wasn't scared of anything. She was a cute little thing, but now she's beautiful--inside and out. 

Both: How would you describe your relationship with your father?
Rownan: *snickers* Like an unpredictable tropical storm. One day it's calm and sunny, the next day it's all dark clouds and raging winds. 
Treygan: It's not that dramatic. When we were kids he was like that, but he's been stable and domesticated for almost two decades. Sadly, I never had much of a relationship with him until recently. 

Rownan: Can you tell us some of the main differences between your home realm and life on Earth?
Aw, man. Earth is so lackluster. Don't get me wrong, I used to love coming here and hanging out in Scotland, Ireland, Alaska, and cool places, but after being trapped here for eighteen years, it made me appreciate all the magic and the slower pace of things in our realm. Plus, I really missed our parties. No party on Earth can compare to what we have in our realm.   

Treygan: The first time you saw Yara as a mermaid, what did you think or feel?
Very first impression--I was thoroughly confused. She was the wrong color. I also felt guilty and worried about what I would say to her when she first awoke. I knew explaining how and why we turned her mer would be difficult, and I was correct.  

Both:  What is the best and worst part of being brother's who are two different types of sea creatures?
Treygan: There were a lot of great advantages to it while we were growing up and while we were still close, but once the gate closed and different opinions started forming between the mer and selkies, being different sea creatures put a huge wedge between us.
Rownan: A Wedge? More like it dropped an atomic bomb on us. 
Treygan: Yes, I have to agree with that. 
Rownan: But bottom line is, no matter what, he's my brother, and I'll always look out for him--even if there have been times when I wanted to kill him. 
Treygan: *laughs* Ditto.

My thoughts:  I gave it 4 of 5 stars!  I am impressed with this complex plot that is simple to follow and understand. 

I love to read books dealing with Paranormal elements. Karen has also added into this story Greek Mythology. This is another of my favorite genres. This book really has it all. 

Yara is turning 18 when a hurricane hits her small Island home. A handsome young man stops to help her by promising to take her somewhere safe is she will wish for it. Handsome guy/ safety? Of course she is going to say yes. 

She wakes up as a Mermaid. He didn't lie, he took her somewhere safe from the storm. He just left out a few important details. 

It's difficult to adjust to her new life. She has a boyfriend and an Uncle that she is worried about. Their presence in the story adds for some very interesting developments. 

I don't think you could go wrong reading this book. My only caution would be that there are some moments where I think that it would be iffy for younger teen readers. I would advise parents read and make the decision for younger teens.

Karen Amanda Hooper
Where can you find Karen and links to the book?  Here of course!


  1. So glad the guys stopped by to answer some of your questions. ;)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to review the book and do an interview.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I haven't read this book but these characters sound like a lot of fun! Great post!

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