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Leaning on Jesus: Strength for a Woman's Heart by Michelle Wilson

Leaning on Jesus: Strength for a Woman's HeartLeaning on Jesus: Strength for a Woman's Heart by Michelle Wilson
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Genre: Inspirational/Religion

Book Description No books, blogs, or studies can prepare you for the complexities of womanhood. The joys and challenges that come with being a woman can often feel like a roller coaster of highs and lows, especially when sweet moments are tempered by feelings of inadequacy. If your journey through life too often feels like an unforgiving magnification of your weaknesses and shortcomings or you find yourself feeling alone, it is time to turn to the healing balm of the Savior's love.

In this mix of memoir, insights, and inspiration, Leaning on Jesus takes readers through the ups and downs of womanhood, gives practical tools for a better life, and highlights the importance of cultivating a relationship with the Savior to find power, purpose, and peace. You'll laugh and cry in equal measure as author Michelle Wilson describes her own experiences, delving into the common fears women of all ages and stages face and exploring each topic from motherhood to menopause with humor and heart. Find strength in this sweet reminder of your invaluable role as a woman, and catch a glimpse of your true magnificence in the Lord's eyes.

My thoughts
"Have hope in Him." In my world, it is easy to get caught up with how I think my life should be, how my home should be, and how my children should be. This book resonates with me on many levels.

There are two chapters that touched me deeply. They were the messages that I was meant to embrace in my life and try to do/be better. There is a lot of great information in this book. I will revisit sometime when I need to hear/embrace another precept. Michelle Wilson knows how to write an inspirational book that appeals to me. She uses scriptural references, her own experience, and the experiences of others.

The first chapter that I needed to hear was Chapter 6 - Weight a Minute. In this chapter, she mentioned that there are women we hear about who had amazing accomplishments. She then poses the question of whether their weight or figure is something that we know or think about. I am hard on myself and beat myself up that I don't have the figure that I want. I have a negative dialogue going on inside of my head. I was reminded to love myself right now and not focus on the scale. She doesn't advocate not taking care of yourself or making positive goals to lose weight, she made me realize that as I accept myself I can make the changes that I need to in a positive way.

Chapter 16 - The Child You Have. This is a hard one. She mentions that you should parent the child you have instead of the one you wish you had. I am blessed to be a mother. I love my children. There are times I wondered what I did wrong to deserve a child who suffered from depression. He started threatening suicide when he was 6 years old, in Kindergarten. I know in a book review you don't usually put your own experiences. I mention my experience because she writes this chapter with relatability. There are moments that we can glean understanding when it is presented in a certain way.

Michelle Wilson writes with humor. She takes the gospel topics and helps me to laugh through them. Yes, the gospel is serious, but it doesn't have to be presented in a dry way. Her writing appeals to me.

There are many more chapters that have great information. She has chapters focusing on women in the scriptures and how they faced being a mother. They went through some difficult things and persevered with faith. It reminds me that I am not alone. Together as women, we can get through this.

Source: I received a complimentary copy. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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About the Author: (Taken from Goodreads) MICHELLE WILSON is a wife, mom, and popular inspirational author and speaker. She loves family, faith, and food, and admittedly has a bad habit of laughing at the wrong times. Through her published books and years of speaking to groups large and small, Michelle has helped thousands of women build stronger relationships with themselves, others, and Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. She believes in the power of choice, purpose, and perspective, and feels every woman can be joyful and brave.

She blogs at, where you can find uplifting, honest, and thought-provoking posts. You can also find the recipe for best chocolate chip cookie ever.

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