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Mail-Order Bride Switch by Dorothy Clark

Mail-Order Bride Switch (Stand-In Brides)Mail-Order Bride Switch by Dorothy Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Requested review copy via Netgalley
Genre: Old-Western Romance

Book Description:  His Imposter Bride

Garret Stevenson must find a bride or forfeit his newly built hotel. With his deadline approaching, he plans an in-name-only marriage with a maid who’ll cook and clean for his guests. When a pampered, pretty heiress arrives instead, the deception confirms Garret’s distrust of women. But Virginia Winterman has more substance than her elegant clothes suggest.

Fleeing West to escape a cruel suitor, Virginia finds a business arrangement with Whisper Creek’s brusque hotel owner is mutually beneficial, and she relishes being useful. Yet what was once a practical solution soon blossoms into a deeper union. Can Garret get past old betrayals before his future with Virginia slips away?

My thoughts: Mail-order bride stories can be a lot of fun, particularly if the couple can find a happy-ever-after. I'm sure that historically, many didn't end happily. Of course, that is why I read fiction! I can have a good experience reading a fun story.

Garrett Stevenson needs a bride in order to keep his hotel. There is a stipulation that he must marry. He is suffering from emotional pain and is not willing to put himself in a position to be hurt again. Therefore, he decides to order a bride for an in-name-only marriage.

Virginia Winterman is running from an abusive engagement. An in-name-only marriage sounds like the perfect solution to her problem, until she realizes that it isn't enough.

This book is a fun read that looks at the development of a relationship. Trust is a hard commodity to obtain, particularly if you have been hurt before. I liked that this relationship develops gradually. Both of the M/C's are good people that you would want to know in real life. Garrett is patient, even though he doesn't like to be. Virginia rejoices in the small victories of the day.

This book is clean with some kissing.

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