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Mail-Order Christmas Baby by Sherri Shackelford

Mail-Order Christmas Baby by Sherri ShackelfordMail-Order Christmas Baby by Sherri Shackelford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Recevied to review from Netgalley
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Book Description The Rancher's Special Delivery 

The "package" is addressed to him, but rancher Sterling Blackwell certainly didn't order a baby! More scandalous still, he and the town's pretty teacher are named as parents. With gossip running wild, only a marriage of convenience can protect little Gracie and their reputations until her real family is found. 

Heather O'Connor is content to be the spinster schoolmarm of Valentine, Montana…until Gracie's arrival stirs her heart. She can't keep the adorable child without Sterling's help, though she promises not to interfere with his life. But staying aloof from her handsome husband isn't easy with a tiny matchmaker in tow. A mistake brought them together, but love might just make them a family by Christmas…

My thoughts: The premise of this book appealed to me, a baby sent in the mail, by train, no return address. Hmm... where can the author take this I wondered?

What she did was create a delightful book. I was left wondering why someone would send a precious baby girl to an unmarried couple, listing them as the parents? Strange. It was beyond the realm of comprehension, but given the time period, had a bit of realism.

Sterling and Heather were a fun couple. They had interest in each other without anyone else knowing about it. They are unexpectedly thrown together in a scandal and have a quick wedding. Through it all, they showed grace and fortitude. The baby, Grace, was absolutely adorable.

The book has an element of intrigue that takes a while to be revealed. I didn't realize the full scale of the deception until the end. Sherri Shackelford does a great job at keeping part of her plot a secret and surprising the reader.

If you are looking for a cute, quick book to read. This would be a great one to pick up. It is a clean romance with some kissing and Christian themes.

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