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Love is Come by Heather B. Moore

Love is Come by Heather B. MooreLove is Come by Heather B. Moore
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Genre: Historical Romance

Book Description:  “I have to remind myself to breathe—almost to remind my heart to beat.” —Wuthering Heights 

From the Power of the Matchmaker series: LOVE IS COME 

Nelle Thompson lives a life of privilege during the turn of the century New York City. When her parents are killed in a terrible accident, she’s forced to live with her aunt’s family in a small town in Connecticut, and treated as a poor relation with no financial independence. Broken hearted and riddled with insomnia, Nelle’s health begins a downward spiral. When a locked part of her heart blossoms around her cousin’s fiancé Mathew Janson, Nelle doesn’t know if she can endure one more heartbreak. Miss Pearl, owner of the local apothecary shop, becomes a mother figure to Nelle, but a fateful summer day has Nelle questioning everything she's ever believed and wondering if she’ll ever love again.

My thoughts: This story drew me in and kept me reading quickly until the end. This is a wonderful addition to the Power of the Matchmaker series. The series is made up of stand-alone books that have one central character in common. Pearl is a Chinese matchmaker who has her own heartbreak that drives her to help others find love.

This was the first full length story to have a historical fiction setting. I loved the change from the other books. It added a new dimension to Pearl's history and longevity as a matchmaker. As in all of the books, the power of love has a magical quality due to Pearl's influence.

Nelle is an amazing young woman who has suffered the tragic loss of her parents. She is left basically to her own devices until she turns 21. She decides to live in the country with her aunt and cousin, but finds that it is not the haven she hoped for. Pearl is the lady that she can turn to for direction and comfort.

Nelle's love story was well told. She finds herself attracted to Mathew, who is her cousin's fiancee. She faces rejection on many levels that leave her doubting herself. To me this is a story of healing and in the process being someone who can love and be loved.

This installment of the series has solidified my love for the books and left me wanting more.

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Heather B. Moore
About the Author:  (taken from Goodreads)  Heather B. Moore is a USA Today bestselling author, with a dozen historical thrillers written under the pen name H.B. Moore. Latest is Finding Sheba (will be re-released Feb 2015 through Thomas & Mercer). Under Heather B. Moore she writes romance and women’s fiction and inspirational non-fiction, latest is The Fortune Cafe. Her various author names can be confusing so her kids just call her Mom.

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