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Born to TreasonBorn to Treason by E.B. Wheeler
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received to review from publisher
Genre:  Historical Fiction/Romance

Book Description:  Joan Pryce is not only a Catholic during the English Reformation but also Welsh, and comes from a family of proud revolutionaries. But when a small act of defiance entangles her in a deadly conspiracy, a single misstep could lead her straight to the gallows! Joan must decide between fighting for freedom and finding love.

My thoughts: Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres to read. This is a wonderful story that is intertwined with a period of Welsh history. The book is set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Catholicism was outlawed and people who practiced their faith were imprisoned and some executed.

Joan is Catholic. She believes and loves her faith. When an opportunity arises to help out in her cause to let Catholics worship legally and publicly, she decides to help. The path she has chosen is dangerous not only for her, but for the people around her.

This book is an amazing read. It brought the time to life for me. I really wanted Joan to succeed and make a difference with the religious intolerance of her time. The time period came to life for me. E.B. Wheeler did an excellent job at telling her story. The pacing was excellent.

The book contains a little bit of romance. There is also some violence that I didn't find too descriptive.

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E.B. WheelerAbout the Author:  E.B. Wheeler grew up in Georgia and California. She earned her BA in history from BYU and has graduate degrees in history and landscape architecture from Utah State University. With Welsh ancestors on one side of her family and crypto-Catholics on the other, she’s been fascinated by the story of Welsh Catholics since writing about them in her master’s thesis. She’s the award-winning author of “The Haunting of Springett Hall” and lives in northern Utah with her family.



  1. I loved this book as well! Great review!!

  2. I will have to get this book, it sounds very interesting.

    1. I really enjoyed this book and I hope that you will too!


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