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A Reluctant Assassin by J.C. Morrows
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense/Dystopia

Book Description:  Her mission was simple — get close to the Prince, and kill him. . . 

Kayden entered the palace under a lie, one designed to get her close to the Prince. On the outside, she may look like a princess but beneath the mask, a killer lays in wait — for the perfect moment.

Dvarius was not ready to take the crown, nor was he ready for a wife . . . but due to his father’s unexpected death and an archaic law — he must find a bride before he is allowed to take his rightful place on the throne.

And the one woman he wants — just might be the one who is there to kill him...

My thoughts: Kayden is faced with a dilemma. She has come to the palace with a mission to kill the Prince. The information she had been told about him is incorrect. He is not what she expected and it doesn't take long for her to begin to develop feelings for him.

Dvarius is not excited that he must choose a bride from the 24 young women brought to the castle. He must marry in order to become King. He trust in God to lead him to the woman whom he could love and to rule the Kingdom with.

The book is set in a futuristic society. After the destruction of society through war, a monarchy has been put in place to govern the people. The book combines the old with the new. Women wear dresses, but there is remnants of our modern world in use. I really enjoyed how J.C Morrows was able to combine elements of society in creating her social setting. The manners are also reminiscent of an older day.

The major action in the book takes place on a subtle level. It is more a conflict of emotions and purpose. The wordplay and characters drew me in from the start. I can't wait to continue reading the series. It ends on a cliffhanger. The book contains political intrigue, romance, and assassins.

I found the book to be a clean read. The Prince is a devout Christian and there are references to deity.

Read a Snippet
Like your own personal fairy tale . . .”
At the time she had sneered at his words.
Now . . . here . . . in this place, she was surrounded by the confinement of the palace; the ostentatious d├ęcor, the fancy food, the ridiculous ensembles . . .
Fairy tale indeed . . . biting off the rest of what she had been thinking, she turned to pace, not realizing she had begun to mutter aloud.
What kind of stupid girl wants this sort of fairy tale? Not this one; that's for sure. Why would Alfreid think I want a fairy tale?”
She let out a huff of frustration.
What if Cinderella had been sent to kill The Prince?”
Now that's my kind of fairy tale . . .
The sound of her laughter echoed back at her as it bounced off the marble walls. -


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A Perilous Assignment (Order of the MoonStone #0.5)A Perilous Assignment by J.C. Morrows
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: Short Story Dystopian

This is a very, very short story that introduces Kayden. She belongs to an order that are assassins. This very brief look is very interesting and takes a look at the life that she lives. It does an excellent job at creating interest for A Reluctant Assassin.

J C Morrows - Bestselling author of YA Christian speculative fiction, drinker of coffee and avid reader - is a storyteller in the truest sense of the word. JC has been telling stories in one form or another her entire life and once her mother convinced her to write them down, she couldn't stop.

She finished her first speculative fiction novel purely for the enjoyment of her mother - also known as her biggest fan.

She gives God all of the glory for her talent and ability!

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