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"The Cenote" by Chelsea Dyreng ~ Blog Tour

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The Cenote by Chelsea Dyreng
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received from Publisher to Review
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Book Description:  Forced to marry a complete stranger, Sandpiper tries to adjust to life in her new village. But the mysterious Cenote, a great pool of water, has bewitched the men of the village, and Sandpiper must know why. This moving story of romance and redemption serves as an allegory with a timely message. Filled with drama and heart, it’s a book you won’t soon forget.

My thoughts: I am writing this review with mixed emotions. The book has a powerful message and really tugged at my heart.

Sandpiper finds herself in a marriage to a man she doesn't know. He is also odd, which makes things more uncertain. She also carries a secret which would have a negative impact on her future.

Lark must marry. As the second son of the chief, he has an obligation to his family and tribe. Traveling far to a friendly tribe is his hope for finding a wife and a family of his own.

I loved the setting of this book. Lark and Sandpiper live in ancient times after the disappearance of the Mayan's. They live on a hill that covers the ancient temple. Close by is a Cenote, their source of water and greatest fear.

The building relationship between the two illustrate how they are better together than alone. Secrets threaten to pull them apart, but they realize why they need to be together. I loved their commitment to each other and their family. The family plays a central part to the book. The strong sense of community and love are powerful.

This story makes you think. It is not a story to finish and them immediately move on to the next book. There are many layers that brought this story to life for me. I highly recommend this book.

There is some innuendo (sometimes it made me laugh).  The book is about a couple who are married and struggling with their relationship, this does lead to adult situations that are not descriptive.

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About the Author:   Chelsea Bagley Dyreng was born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is the daughter of a fireworks salesman and Miss Malibu. She earned her B.A. at Brigham Young University, worked as a librarian, and then moved to North Carolina where she and her husband are currently raising five God-fearing, book-loving, adventure-seeking kids.

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