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Blog tour ~ "Another Time for Love" by Lynne Larson ~ review + tour giveaway!

Another Time for Love by Lynne Larson
Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received from Publisher to Review
Genre: Historical LDS Fiction - time travel

Book Description:  Salt Lake County, Present Day
Sam Carroll is living life in the fast lane--sleek cars, nice clothes, and lovely ladies have replaced the gospel values he grew up with, and he's going nowhere fast. But when a serious car accident brings his fun to a screeching halt, Sam is left comatose, aware only of his older brother reading aloud from the hundred-year-old journal of an LDS bishop, Moroni Chadester. As Sam drifts in and out of consciousness, the words begin to take root in his mind . . .

Alpine, Utah, 1915
Standing on a dusty mountain road, Sam is bewildered. The cars are different. The clothes are different. Where and when is he? The answer comes from an impossible source: Bishop Moroni Chadester. Hurtled back in time by forces he can't understand, Sam finds his memories of modern existence quickly fading as he becomes immersed in a new life and a romance with the town beauty, Laney Williams. But as the pair becomes entangled in a murder mystery, the thrill of courtship is replaced by terror as fate conspires to bring the couple into the path of a killer. Little do they realize that the clock is ticking on more than their lives Sam can't stay in the past forever. As danger looms ever closer, Sam must fight to save Laney. But can their love stand the test of time?

My thoughts:   Another Time for Love takes a different angle on time travel.  Sam is in a coma after a car accident.  His brother is a historian and reads him a journal from 1915.  At first Sam listens for his brother's voice as he lives life among the  people,  but as he is caught up with the residents of Alpine, UT his brother's voice fades and he is fully involved with the time and people.

It was interesting for me to see the development of Sam throughout the book.  When he is in the car accident, he only looks out for himself.  He is very self-centered.  He lives for the moment and to enjoy life.  He dropped out of college, he plays the field, he worries about his wardrobe and his car.

The life and circumstances in rural Utah in 1915 are very different from the life he lived.  His friend's Roadster works part time.  The families have a shared telephone line.  Many people do not have a car and horse and wagon is the way they get around.  The community has to work together to survive.

The people he meets have such a positive impact on his life.  He learns what it means to serve, be part of a community, what his Faith means to him, and how to love.  His love interest, Laney, brings out the best part of him.  He takes her into his heart and her crippled younger brother.  Her unconditional love for her brother  softens his heart.

Another part of the book that I loved is the way the community looked out for a woman newly widowed.  As the story begins, her husband is stabbed to death and the killer is unknown.  Everyone is in shock that such a tragedy could happen in their small town and they are frightened.  The book is not only a romance, it is a search for a murderer.  There are some suspenseful moments at the end that kept me turning the pages to see how it would end.

The ending is bitter sweet.  It does come to a satisfactory end, but not exactly the way you think it might.

This is a clean book with some kissing and mild violence.  It is written to LDS readers, but the basic story can be enjoyed by anyone.

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  1. I've been seeing this around! It sounds so good. The cover is awesome as well :)


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