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Blog Tour Review ~ "The Haunting of Springett Hall" by E.B. Wheeler

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The Haunting of Springett Hall by E.B. Wheeler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: Paranormal/ Mystery/Romance

  Eighteen-year-old Lucy doesn’t know how she became a ghost, but the more she remembers of her life in Victorian England, the more she wants to forget. Her only hope of changing the mistakes of her past is to enlist the help of a servant named Philip—the one living person who can see her. This impossible romance story is filled with delightful period detail and plenty of mystery.

My thoughts: This book grabs your attention from the beginning and pulls you along for a great mystery and romance.

Lucy is a ghost who awakens without a memory. She is surprised at her condition, she doesn't remember dying or who she is. The book begins as she is trying to unravel her predicament and discover why she is haunting Springett Hall.

Soon she meets the Assistant Games Keeper. He also is suffering from lack of memory. The two sense from the beginning that they are somehow connected. As they begin to work together memories come and they find they are deeply involved with the mystery of Springett Hall.

The book looks at quite a few things. One of them is a blossoming romance between Lucy and Phillip. As they begin to remember each other, they are stunned to learn they are part of the strange happenings. They were servants for the late master and somehow he used them to his advantage in a plot that is obsessive in nature and steeped in dark magic.

This book is well written. The pacing is excellent. I loved how relationships are built and the story unfolds. This story is a mystery that has paranormal elements.

There are many creepy, crawly things in the book. If you have a hard time with occult and dark magic, you may not do well with the story. I didn't think the book went into detail with the occult, but gave just enough information move the story without creeping me out.

I found this book to be clean with mild kissing and the discussion of dark magic.

About the Author:  E.B. Wheeler grew up in Georgia and California, where she became fascinated by stories of the places around her. She studied English and history at Brigham Young University and earned an MA and MLA from Utah State University. After several years teaching and writing about history, she decided to pursue her other dream of writing fiction. “The Haunting of Springett Hall” is her first novel. She currently lives in northern Utah with her husband, daughters, various pets, and a garden full of antique roses.

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