Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Morcant Twins and the Curse of the Griseum by Maria Illich

The Morcant Twins and the Curse of the Griseum by Maria Illich
Source: Received to Review
Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Book Description:  Journey across time and space with the Morcant twins to the desert world of Adjna where an ancient curse and a cunning evil await among the shifting sands.In this young adult series, Katherine and Mackenzie Morcant, having only recent discovered their magical heritage, suddenly find themselves joining forces with Lord Percival Amaranth, the greatest mage of their time, to face the fierce Griseum, a creature of legend sprung suddenly to life in a world beset by civil war. Can the Morcant twins ignite their powers as fledgling mages and defeat the evil inflicting the desert world, or will they and Adjna be irrevocably destroyed?

My thoughts:  Kate and Mackenzie are twins.  One morning Kate  had problems opening a drawer in the bathroom.  The door wouldn't open and it shocked her.  Then the same thing happened in the kitchen.  Her parents became anxious and sent them to England to stay with their Grandma Morcant.

In England the weirdness is revealed.  They have magic abilities that are beginning to manifest themselves. There are dark forces who would love to sway them to dark magic.  They come in contact with Aunt Lulu and creatures that help them to discover their abilities and use them for good.

They are sent on a journey to another realm.  It is a desert landscape. They need to help find the Griseum and stop it from rampaging the land.  It is unhappy because the natural order has been disrupted, the Princess has been removed from the throne, her brother's have outlawed magic and taken over.

This book is full of adventure.  The magical creatures are interesting.  The writing style is perfect for the age group and it is written to appeal to middle grade readers.

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