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Book Review ~ "Windfork Secrets" by Lee Tidball

Windfork SecretsWindfork Secrets by Lee Tidball
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: Middle Grade/Tween fiction

Book Description: Diona McBride wanted an A+ on a school report and had to interview a little old lady to get it. But Nessy Scanlon's not your average little old lady, and her stories are no addle-minded snoozers. In fact, her take on Windfork, Wyoming's terrifying Wildman legends and what really happened in some of the town's most baffling mysteries could re-write Windfork's shadowy history. Follow Diona and Nessy on this scintillating, sobering adventure back through fifty years of breath-taking drama that a Writers' Digest reviewer has called "a thought-provoking and interesting historical novel for kids and adults alike...beautifully and skillfully written."

My thoughts: I began reading this book not sure what to expect. It sounded interesting from the synopsis. I did not expect the wonderful story that I read.

Diona wants to have an amazing paper. There is a legend in her small town in Wyoming of the "Wildmen". Wildmen have long hair. They kidnap and eat people who venture into their territory. Legend is that there are a few people who have come across them and lived. Diona wants to research and discover if they are real, or just a legend to scare children.

Her school teachers sends her to see an older woman living in a nursing home. He told her that if anyone would know about the wildmen, Nessy would.

The book is told as an oration from Nessy's memory. There are moments where Diona interacts with her family and friends.

This book captured my attention and imagination in an instant. The written is skilled in telling a story. The book flowed at a rapid pace. It never got dull or boring. Lee Tidball was a teacher for middle grade students. It is apparent that he knows how to write to them and for them. It is also a fun book for adults.

There is mild swearing in the book.

About the author:  Lee Tidball is a writer of award-winning screenplays, graphic novels, and novels that fascinate and entertain both his middle-grade/young adult/family audience as well as Hollywood agents and producers. These include his graphic novel series “Princess Reborn,” based on his screenplay of the same name, his television pilot/series concept “Midnight Princess,” based on his novel “Hidden Talents; Ginah’s Journal #2” (a prequel to “Princess Reborn”), his Christmas fantasy screenplay “Sandi Claus”, and his historical young-adult fantasy novel “Windfork Secrets.”

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Lee spent many years as a middle-grades teacher in his adopted hometown of Modesto, California. He’s also coached ten seasons of girls youth soccer, is now in his 21st season of coaching youth runners, has founded a children’s community theater company, directed nearly a dozen children’s theater productions, and acted in numerous community and church theater productions over the years. Much of the inspiration for his stories and characters comes from the hundreds of students, athletes, and actors that he has served throughout these endeavors.

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