Friday, September 20, 2013

Classic Children's book review ~ "Now Open the Box" by Dorothy Kunhardt

Now Open the BoxNow Open the Box by Dorothy Kunhardt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received to review
Genre: Children's picture Book

Book DescriptionPeewee’s in the box! Peewee the dog doesn’t know any tricks, “not a single one not even how to roll over not even how to shake hands but never mind he is so teeny weeny that everybody loves him,” the clown, the fat lady, the thin man, the huge tall giant, the strong baby, the acrobats, the elephants, and all the other amazing performers in the wonderful circus of the man with the quite tall red hat. But then something unexpected happens that threatens to bring Peewee’s time under the Big Top to an end.

My thoughts: This classic children's book has been republished so that children today can read and enjoy it.

Dorothy Kunhardt wrote of Peewee, the little dog who fit in a small box. Everyone in the circus loved him. He was cute and tiny. Then the unthinkable happened and he grew. His growth almost lost him his place in the circus. He was no longer a novelty. Everyone was sad.

The book deals with a question many children have. When I grow up will I still be wanted and loved?

Peewee grew up to become a large dog who fit in a large box. No matter how much he grew a place was found for him. That's a great lesson for kids, there's always room for them no matter how big they get.

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