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Book Review ~ "Cold Pursuit" by Susan Dayley

Cold PursuitCold Pursuit by Susan Dayley
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: Suspense/Romance

Book Description:  You choose where the story goes. . . . When Kennady first meets Atticus, she is not impressed. The second time, she's offended. But before the week is over, they team up to find out who sabotaged the secret alternative-energy project in a basement lab on the university campus. You get to choose what happened in the break-in at the lab was Dr. Takishida kidnapped or were his computer files stolen? As sinister forces try to stop Kennady and Atticus from solving the crime, each of the two story lines divide, offering a total of four possible endings.

(BTW, only the author knows which ending leads to Hot Pursuit, the sequel.)

Full of mystery, suspense, and romance, Cold Pursuit takes your reading experience to the next level.

BONUS: Includes links to images, music, clues to the mystery, information about cold fusion, and on and on. See the links at the back of the book and type them into your computer browser for even more fun!

My thoughts:  Cold Pursuit is a unique book. The author has cleverly written a story where the reader gets to choose how they would like the story to progress. Would you like the Professor to disappear, or would you like for his research to disappear? Whichever you think would make for a better story is what you can read.

I chose for the Professor to disappear and then a BK  1100 link. I was happy with what I read until I got to the end and the author stated that it wasn't her favorite ending. I then had the choice of linking back to options that I didn't choose before and find new aspects of the story. My second attempt lead to a very different ending.  Choices and possibilities!

The story is about two young college students who are intrigued by a break in on campus. A Professor who is developing a new method of cold fusion's office has had his work compromised. This is where the reader gets to pick and choose the story.

The secondary characters are unique and at times very entertaining. As new options are selected family and social settings are explored and the reader is able to connect with the characters in a different way.

I really enjoyed this story/stories. I have read a couple of different options and have a few more that I can explore.
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About Susan:  Susan blogs about life in a small town, her writing, and other miscellaneous, terribly important subjects.
She is a teacher, a student, and a writer. Author of Redemption, (the story of Jonah), and her latest venture–a mystery romance–Cold Pursuit, Susan enjoys exploring trails with her husband, celebrations, and trying new recipes.
“I was raised second in a family of nine children on Idaho potatoes, night games in a cemetery, and family picnics at parks. I was known for reading books in the backyard willow tree and standing on my head (not at the same time).”
She now has two adult children who are expanding themselves into families, and one granddaughter, a precious girl whose middle name is Suzanna.  (This information was taken from her web page.)

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