Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blog Tour ~ "Becoming Free: A Woman's Guide to Internal Strenght" by Christy Monson

Throughout our lives we tend to build up armor that inhibits our growth. Our armor comes in many disguises: depression, self-deprecation, or the inability to act. We often create our own armor, our own protection, unique to us, but this protection actually stops our growth and the abundant live we each seek. An abundant life can be yours, but you must identify and release the obstructions that keep you from the wisdom and wealth you seek.  Christy Monson, a successful family therapist for over thirty years, has written Becoming Free to help you achieve your goals and find deeper happiness in your life. Becoming Free is a step-by-step book to help you to shed your armor, expand your optimistic thinking, and enhance your ability to give and receive. Once you become free of the armor you’ve built around you to protect yourself, you’ll find the abundant life you have always sought.

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About the Author:   My grandmother lived with us when I was young. She loved to read me stories. I would curl up in her lap or sit on the bed next to her and listen to the tales spin out before me. We cried together over Lassie Come Home and loved Madeline and her adventures. That was a magical time for me in my life. When my children were little, I loved reading to them because it kept the magic alive. Now my children are grown, I can keep the magic by writing stories for others to read.

Disclosure:  I was given a link to read this book on-line.  I usually read books just before the review is due.  Unfortunately, I couldn't it, because the script was too small for me, even with my glasses on.  (Getting older stinks sometimes.) Sorry Christy!  Maybe one of these days I'll get on things a little quicker.  

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