Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trailer Reveal ~ "Revived by Grace" by Emma Clay

Revived by Grace Emma Clay Metokos Press Christian Memoir

Revived by Grace

Emma Clay lived a life of rebellion, led astray by her own desires and her attraction to an indulgent life and a difficult man. This book is her memoir, telling the powerful story of her downward decline and the way God brought her back to himself through his love. Moving between personal storytelling, Biblical reflection, and political application, Revived by Grace is a book that speaks to the wounded place in all of us that can be healed only by the grace of God.


Emma Clay is a writer who shares her own experiences about her encounters with self and her bad decisions. She shares how she transformed a life that seemed hopeless and seeks to give answers to your own questions. She is dedicated to sharing her true stories with others, in the hopes they will avoid the same pot holes, pitfalls, and detours in their own lives. She loves people, and her need to share this love will hopefully encourage others to find their own way. Her latest book is the Christian inspirational memoir, Revived by Grace. Visit her website at www.EmmaClay.com.

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  1. Not a book for me but the trailer was very well put together.


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