Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Introducing ~ "Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire" by Paul Ramey (giveaway)

The picturesque, historic town of St. Edmund has a secret... 

Tourism is a cut-throat business, as eccentric teen tour guide Edgar Wilde discovers. Even as he researches the town archive for dark tidbits, the two elderly birds on the local historical society are obstructing and threatening him. Is there something he should know?

Together with schoolmate Shelby Emerson, an unexpectedly witty "cool girl", and Anglophile cemetery caretaker Corinthian Harknell, Edgar embarks on a tantalizing quest involving centuries-old secrets, a forgotten witch trial, and a mysterious book of spells — the Lost Grimoire — that promises unimaginable power to the one who wields it.

$1.99 at both online stores!

About the Author:  Paul Ramey is a writer, graphic artist, musician, and unrepentant cemetery buff. He has just published his first novel, "Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire." Other recently published works include a two-CD goth/rock musical album, "Veil & Subdue," and "Zen Salvador," a limited-edition book of zen-styled dog wisdom. He has also had numerous tourism-related articles published in Courier, the official magazine of the National Tour Association. Originally from Frankfort, Kentucky, Paul now lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and child.

This giveaway is being handled through the publisher.  They will be notifying the winner and distributing the prizes.
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  1. Thank you for sharing the giveaway, Lisa!

  2. EDGAR WILDE and the LOST GRIMOIRE sounds like just my sort of book. Hope I win a copy!


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