Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review ~ "A Change of Plans" by Donna K Weaver

A Change of PlansA Change of Plans by Donna K. Weaver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Source: Received electronic ARC from Rhemalda for review purposes
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description: When twenty-five-year-old Lyn sets off on her cruise vacation, all she wants is to forget that her dead fiancĂ© was a cheating scumbag. What she plans is a diversion uncomplicated by romance. What she gets is Braedon, an intriguing young surgeon. He's everything her fiancĂ© wasn't, and against the backdrop of the ship's make-believe world, her emotions come alive.
Unaware of the sensitive waters he navigates, Braedon moves to take their relationship beyond friendship—on the very anniversary Lyn came on the cruise to forget. Lyn's painful memories are too powerful, and she runs off in a panic.

But it's hard to get away from someone when you're stuck on the same ship. Things are bad enough when the pair finds themselves on one of the cruise's snorkeling excursions. Then paradise turns to piracy when their party is kidnapped, and Lyn's fear of a fairy tale turns grim.

My thoughts:  Lyn and her best friend Elle take a cruise as the year anniversary of Lyn's fiance's death and betrayal approach. Lyn is not interested in romance...period. She is still stunned and suffering from trust issues.

Enter the dashing Doctor. Braedon gives her that sparkly, tingly feeling with just a touch. She is afraid of a fairy tale and shipboard romance and runs. Unfortunately (fortunately in my opinion) you can't run far on a ship.

A run in with pirates and being stranded on an uninhabited island make running impossible, and romance commences. (YAY)

I enjoyed this book. I kept on reading and at times near tears as I read the struggle for survival that Braedon and Lyn endured. This book isn't as much about the romance as it is about the journey and trials. The techniques for survival are something to keep in mind for any kind of emergency situation.

It is a clean romance.

About Donna:  I'm a Navy brat who joined the Army and has lived in Asia and Europe. Because I sailed the Pacific three times as a child, I love cruising and wish I could accrue enough vacation time to do more of it with my husband. We have six children. Our eight grandchildren live all over the world. At fifty, I decided to study karate and earned my black belt in Shorei Kempo.

After doing city council minutes for twenty years, I decided to write something a little longer and with a lot more emotion--and kissing. My debut novel, A Change of Plans, is being published by Rhemalda Publishing and comes out in June 2013.

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