Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cover Reveal ~ "Traitor" by Megan Curd

The is the second book of the Bridger Series by Megan Curd.  The first was Bridger and I really liked it.  I really like this cover. It has an eerie and lonely feel to it.  It really makes me want to find out what is in the pages of the book. It was designed by   Mooney Designs.

Here is a book description!

Ashlyn never believed in fairy tales until she was in one.

They say ignorance is bliss, but not when you're on a centuries old hit list...and there's a traitor in your midst.

Ashlyn must decide what's most important: trusting the allies she has, or siding with those she thought were enemies. Ashlyn knows old friends can turn on her, and unlikely allies may be the best chance she has to piece her family back together. No matter what her choice, she could lose someone she loves.

And when you don't know who to trust, believe one thing: You can never trust a faerie.

Where can you find the author, Megan Curd?

Twitter: @MeganCurd,

You can purchase a copy on Amazon for $2.99 on kindle or $12.99 in paperback.

Traitor (Bridger)

If you haven't read the first book, it's $.99 on kindle!

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