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Million Dollar Diva ~ Blog Tour

Million Dollar Diva ~ by Tristi Pinkston, Brett Kitchen, and Ethan Kap

When I received an invitation to participate in this blog tour, I thought "sure, why not". My husband and I are anti-debt and rarely carry a balance on a credit card.  I thought it might be a nice refresher on things that we had already incorporated into our routine.  Of course, we too have struggled financially, even without credit card debt.  Our struggle is to stay out of debt and the reason I went to work after being a stay at home mom for 16 years.  I now work 4 hours a day, just for a little extra income and to take care of life's emergencies.  (Of course, it is for the school district my kids are part of, that way I am home when they are home.)

I was impressed with the thought and knowledge that went into the making of this book and the financial expertise that Brett and Ethan gave to Tristi.  The book is written as if we are sneaking a peak, or listening in, on a financial planning meeting.  Brett and Ethan are giving Tristi advice and she is asking questions.  You can see the whole process playing along as if you were watching it on a screen.

My husband is thrilled that I read this book.  I am the one who balks at the idea of putting more money into savings, because I am stressed about not having it to spend if we need it now.  From this book I gained some wisdom at putting more money away for the future.  When I went outside to talk to him while he was doing some yard work, and let him know that I was all for having more money put into savings, he was very excited. If nothing else this book gave me a better perspective on being a little more financially savvy.  My husband kept on asking me questions about my progress in the book and wanted to know what I was learning.  I have placed it on his nightstand so he can read it at his leisure.

Tristi has a great website where you can see her progress from her new financial knowledge.  You can visit and get a copy of the book for free, you just need to pay the $5.95 shipping and handling.

I usually write my reviews on Goodreads immediately when I finish the book.  Here is what my first impressions were when I finished.

This book has many practical applications that are realistic and easily explained. There were many times when I found myself nodding and thinking how "I could do that."

Not only does this book give great advice for finances, but I was able to relate the information to other areas in my life where I need improvement. The book talks about balance. How your finances are in the center, and the other areas of your life circle around your finances. I am continually striving to create balance in my life and the times where I am the most out of control are when I am struggling financially.

My husband is grateful that I read this book. I had a few chats with him about what I/we could do better and make our financial future a little brighter.

Thanks Tristi, Brett, and Ethan for giving me something to think about and strive for.

Book Description: Finally - the woman's answer to growing rich safely! Women today face more money challenges than ever before, from managing careers and families to finances - the demands on their time and resources are increasing. Bad financial advice abounds, and it can be hard to know what to do. Award-winning author Tristi Pinkston teams up with bestselling authors Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap to bring you Million Dollar Diva.

Experience Tristi's real-life transformation from struggling in debt to million-dollar retirement. 

In this book, you'll discover:

The five-step, simple, safe, and predictable process to change living paycheck-to-paycheck to enjoying wealth and security.

How to give yourself a $400 per month raise without asking your boss or working a minute of overtime.

"Spend like a Diva." How to have anything you want - nice vacations, eating out, trips to the mall. It's all part of the plan!

The secret formula of how to completely eliminate your debt in 1/3 the time and save tens of thousands in interest costs in the process.

You'll see why all the TV gurus are wrong! 

Five Million-Dollar-Diva investing strategies that will grow your money safely and predictably every year, without the guesswork.

Plus! Discover the key to stop fighting and quarreling with your spouse about money forever!

Imagine yourself living debt-free and building a million-dollar retirement safely and securely, so you can have total confidence in yourself and your future. You can be a Million Dollar Diva!

About the authors:
 Brett Kitchen is a co-author of the national Inc. Magazine bestseller Safe Money Millionaire. His family tree of entrepreneurship dates back to his great-great-great-grandfather, a watchmaker on Jersey Island off the coast of England. He has created two million-dollar businesses and has coached thousands of financial and insurance representatives on how to help people grow rich safely. Financial problems destroying families have caused Brett to help change the way Americans save and invest their money.

Tristi Pinkston is the author of eight novels, two cookbooks, one religious inspirational book, and over two thousand articles. She works full-time from home as a freelance editor, and is a featured presenter at writing conferences all over the Intermountain West. Tristi enjoys mentoring fledgling writers and helping them rise to their full potential as published authors.

Ethan Kap is a leading expert in changing the way American families save and invest their money. He is the co- author of the best-selling book, Safe Money Millionaire, and co-founder of the Safe Millionaire Academy. He is adamant about teaching others to take ownership of their financial destiny instead of being hooked on handouts and entitlements. Ethan is also a serial entrepreneur and has coached thousands of business owners to success.

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