Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Try one of Marcia Lynn McClure's books for FREE!!

I am a big fan of Marcia Lynn McClure.  I think she is an amazing story teller. I know that if I read one of her books I will have a big smile on my face and feel content at the end of the book.

I couldn't pass up this opportunity when it was presented to me.  Until October 11th you can download Desert Fire for free. This way you can   see if you like Marcia's.  Marcia writes clean yet steamy romance novels.  I know, amazing to have both at once.

Here is a synopsis from Goodreads for Desert FireShe opened her eyes and beheld, for the first time, the face of Jackson McCall. Ruggedly handsome and her noble rescuer, she knew in that moment, he would forever hold captive her heart, as he then held her life in his protective arms. 

Yet, she was a nameless beauty, haunted by wisps of visions form the past. How could she ever hope he would return the passionate, devotional love she secreted for him…when her very existence was a riddle?

If you sign up for her newsletter you can also get a copy of her novella "The Rogue Knight".  This is actually the first story that I read of Marcia's.  I took advantage of signing up for her newsletter and received the book. I enjoy her newsletter.  She runs contests and lets us know of the info on her current releases as well as her older releases.

Here are the links.  If you want to try Desert Fire.  You can download it at this link. 

There are no strings attached.  Download the book and find a great author.

If  you would like to sign up for the newsletter and get a copy of The Rogue Knight you can do so at this link.

Now is the time to click on the links and discover the imagination of Marcia. Enjoy the books!! This offer expires on October 11th.

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