Thursday, October 13, 2011

Electronic Wasteland

Just thought I would share with you my kindle.  It went everywhere with me for a little over two years.

I know, I am being silly.  We all have our little quirks, here is one of mine.

Besides, it is kind of interesting to see a Second Generation Kindle disassembled.  I let my teenage son have fun with it.  He is kind of a techy geek.  He confirmed that it is beyond hope.  So, it's off to Electronic Wasteland.  Anyone know of a safe or environmentally friendly way to dispose of it?


  1. ooo so sad for you - see another reason why paperbacks are better. You can drop them and they don't break. and less expensive to replace
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  2. True, but it's also easier to pack a kindle for a trip than several paperbacks. ;) Honestly, I prefer a printed book. i use the kindle for many of my review books or if I want a book for less and not pay for shipping.

  3. If you're looking for inexpensive books, try Seriously. Most titles are about $3.95 including shipping!

  4. That is a sad site! I keep my Kindle and Nook is protective binders, but I'm always scared something will happen to them. I had a horrible time handing my NookColor over to my family members so they could play Angry Birds during vacation, and I have no doubt it'll be similar to the first time I hand over my future children to them too!

  5. Oh my, I'm so sorry for your kindle... BUT at least now you can have a reason to buy the NEW kindles =)
    If you want to get rid of it in a nice and environmental way, I would love to take it from you. I'd use it as an arts and crafts project and put it in our book room... maybe have a template/plague saying "Inky books= 1, Ebook=0" or "casualties of ebook revolution" =)

    Tezza @ SpadesHighReads

  6. I've actually been giving pieces of it away.. My son took the net card and I gave my neighbor the skin and cases. I had two leather cases, one with a light and a zen blossom type of skin.

  7. i also purchased the $79.00 version from Amazon. It wasn't the one that I wanted, but it will do just fine. Now, to earn the money to pay for it, the job hunting continues. ;)


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